Tesla rights female car owners query driving data; Microsoft will release a new operating system


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1. Female owners of Tesla have questioned the driving data;
2. Microsoft released a new operating system on June 24;
3. Scientists realize multi-mode quantum relay for the first time;
4 Tesla responded that the owner was trapped in the car and almost suffocated;
China successfully launched fy-4b meteorological satellite.
Tesla rights female car owners will sue according to law 30 minutes before the first public accident
The story of Tesla female car owners defending their rights at Shanghai auto show is not over. After many days of silence, Ms. Che advocates will set foot on the road of safeguarding her rights again with the data of 30 minutes before the Tesla accident that has never been released before.
Recently, the Beijing News shell financial reporter in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, an exclusive interview with Ms. Che advocates. During the three hour conversation, the female car owner disclosed the 48 page driving data of Tesla before the accident to the reporter for the first time, and questioned the data.
“The data provided by Tesla lacks many parameters, such as motor torque and brake pedal displacement. We asked Tesla to provide complete data, but Tesla said that the current data is enough for us to judge the truth. In fact, it is not enough.” Ms. Zhang said.
Ms. Zhang said that her main appeal is to get the complete original driving data before the vehicle accident. After suing Tesla for the right of reputation, she will continue to appeal against Tesla’s claim to provide complete data.
According to the news, Microsoft released new windows on June 24: the most significant change in ten years
At the bilud conference at the end of May, Microsoft CEO NADELLA announced the launch of a new generation of windows, saying that this is one of the most significant changes in the PC operating system in the past decade. The latest news shows that June 24 will be the release date of the new system.
Microsoft announced on Wednesday that there will be a press conference on June 24, which is considered to be the release of the next generation of windows system. CEO NADELLA and Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay will all attend the conference, with a strong lineup. However, the details of the product have not been released yet.
Windows system is one of the most important products of Microsoft, contributing 14% of the annual revenue. The latest is windows 10 system, which was released in 2015. Microsoft once said that windows 10 is their last operating system, and an important version upgrade is carried out every spring and autumn.
China University of science and technology makes the cover of nature again, and Guo guangcan’s team realizes multi-mode quantum relay for the first time
The research team from China has once again made significant progress in the field of quantum technology.
When two quanta are entangled, one will change, and the other will also change. No matter how far away they are, quantum communication can be realized by means of quantum entanglement. Recently, Li Chuanfeng and Zhou Zongquan, academician team of Guo guangcan of University of science and technology of China, have realized the predictable quantum entanglement between two absorption quantum memories for the first time by using solid-state quantum memory and external entanglement light source, demonstrating the multi-mode quantum relay.
On the evening of June 2, Beijing time, the research results appeared on the cover of the new issue of nature, a famous international academic journal. This is a significant progress in the field of quantum storage and quantum relay.
Ant trillions business move: consumer finance companies open, small loan companies exit
On June 3, Chongqing ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ant consumer finance”) was approved by Chongqing banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau.
Sun Haibo, President of the Institute of financial supervision, later explained that ant Xiaojin obtained the approval for its preparation in September last year. During this period, due to the tightening of Internet financial supervision, the approval for its opening was a little late. However, the approval in early June basically means that the idea for the rectification of the credit sector of ant group is completely clear.
Many people in the consumer finance industry believe that the scale of “Huabei” and “jiebei” belonging to small loan companies has exceeded one trillion yuan, while the leverage of consumer finance companies is about ten times. It is obvious that the current registered capital of ant consumer finance 8 billion yuan is difficult to undertake. In the future, on the one hand, we have to reduce the leverage, on the other hand, we need to supplement the capital.
The relevant person in charge of the non banking department of the CIRC said that after the opening of ant consumer finance company, it will orderly undertake the consumer credit business in line with the regulatory provisions of the two small loan companies in accordance with the ant group’s consumer credit business rectification plan. During the transitional period of one year since the opening of ant consumer finance company, the two small loan companies have realized a smooth and orderly market exit.
BMW plans to build 360000 electric vehicle charging piles in China this year
BMW plans to build 360000 electric vehicle charging piles in China this year to take a bigger share in the world’s largest electric vehicle market, according to the news on June 3. In terms of product sequence, BMW plans to launch 12 all electric BMW and mini models in China by the end of 2023, and all electric vehicles are expected to account for 25% of the total sales in China.
According to BMW’s official website, by the end of 2020, BMW’s public charging network has covered more than 300 cities in China, realizing dynamic connection of more than 300000 national standard charging piles. By connecting to the “ten vertical, ten horizontal and two ring” high-speed intercity fast charging network of State Grid of China, BMW’s charging network will cover more than 50000 kilometers of expressways.
Wang Xing of meituan injected shares with a market value of HK $17.9 billion into the public welfare fund for education and scientific research
According to the information disclosed by the stock exchange on June 3, Wang Xing, CEO of meituan, signed a stock transfer plan to convert 57.319 million class A shares into class B shares, and inject these class B shares into Wang Xing foundation.
It is reported that the fund will be dedicated to promoting public welfare undertakings such as education and scientific research. According to the closing price of meituan on June 2 of HK $311.8, the market value of the fund shares is about 17.9 billion. Information also shows that the fund has completed about 9.35 million shares (with a market value of about HK $2.9 billion) of charitable donations on that day.
Meituan responded that: the equity conversion belongs to the asset planning made by senior executives for public welfare purposes, which will not have any impact on meituan’s continued development.
A Tesla owner in Shenzhen was trapped in his car and nearly suffocated. Tesla responded
Recently, a Tesla owner in Shenzhen experienced the most unforgettable disaster in his life. In the hot sun, he was trapped in the car for 15 minutes and almost collapsed.

Mr. Wen said that his Tesla was purchased in 2018 at a cost of more than 500000 yuan. It was imported only. There was no big change except one rear end repair of the bumper.
On June 3, Tesla released the preliminary investigation results of the incident: the accident was caused by the power failure of the 12 volt battery, but the specific reason for the power failure and the cause of the power failure still need to wait for further inspection results.
Apple M2 processor latest news: it has placed an order with TSMC, and the first batch will be delivered before July
On June 2, it was reported that Apple was preparing a more powerful “M2” chip for the redesigned MacBook Pro.
Apple’s next generation of custom silicon chips for Macs, temporarily known as “M2” chips, came into production in April, Nikkei Asia reported. The source also said the processors would take at least three months to produce and could start shipping to Apple as early as July to be used in time for the MacBook Pro.
Tencent’s roller skater robot makes its debut in jumping and somersault
On June 3, Ollie, Tencent’s wheel legged robot, officially appeared. It is like a flexible “roller skater”, which can complete high difficulty movements such as jumping and 360 degree somersault.
Wheel legged robot is the frontier of robot research in recent years. Ollie has both wheel structure and leg ability, and the wheel structure has fast movement and high efficiency; The leg ability enables Ollie to adapt to uneven ground, complete jumping steps and other movements, reaching the industry-leading level.
This is the new robot of Tencent robotics x laboratory. After self balancing bicycles, robot dogs Jamoca and Max, Ollie accumulated the mobile control technology of the laboratory, and made breakthroughs in motion planning, balance and stability, becoming another major innovation of the laboratory.
Fy-4b successfully launched at Xichang Satellite Launch Center
At 00:17 on June 3, fengyun-4b was successfully launched at Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and fengyun-4a was finally looking forward to a good brother who could fight side by side.
As the first operational satellite of the FY-4 series, unlike the test satellite with a design life of 7 years and a working assessment life of 5 years, the design and working life of satellite B are both 7 years, and it is planned to undertake the business mission. As an operational satellite, B satellite will serve in space for seven years, with higher requirements for performance and indicators.
Zhang Zhiqing, deputy chief designer of Fengyun meteorological satellite engineering, said that in order to give full play to the benefits of satellite application and explore for future development, satellite B has also optimized the payload configuration scheme and replaced it with a fast imager, giving full play to the combined advantages of geostationary satellites.
Tesla China recalls some imported model 3 cars with defects, and there is a risk of safety belts or wheels
Recently, Tesla motor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. filed the recall plan with the State Administration of market supervision and administration in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall management of defective automobile products and the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall management of defective automobile products.
The recall involved some imported model 3 electric vehicles produced from January 12, 2019 to November 20, 2019, 311 of which had potential safety belt hazards, and 423 of which had potential wheel failure to rotate freely.
Shen Xiangyang and Wang Haifeng are candidates for academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering! 7 candidates in computer field
The list of candidates for the second round of the 2021 academician election of the Chinese Academy of engineering has been announced. After the first round, 235 candidates entered the second round. Shen Xiangyang, Xiaobing of Microsoft, and Wang Haifeng, CTO of Baidu, were on the list one after another. Professor Zheng Qinghua of Xi’an Jiaotong University was also selected in AI field. There are seven people in the field of computer technology on the list.
Southeast Asia outbreak again! 27% of global chip package testing affected
It was reported on June 2 that the epidemic situation in Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries has continued to deteriorate recently. Southeast Asia is currently the world’s major semiconductor chip packaging and testing center. The worsening epidemic in Southeast Asia is likely to aggravate the global chip shortage. Recently, with the deterioration of the epidemic situation in Southeast Asian countries, many chip factories in Vietnam have shut down one after another, and Malaysia has also begun to completely blockade.
On the whole, Southeast Asia occupies 27% of the global chip packaging and testing market. Affected by the epidemic, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries have taken blockade measures, which has greatly affected the supply chain of electronic products.
Xin xiaodai claimed that he had “no money, got into anxiety and got depression”, and netizens questioned his miserable marketing
On June 3, it was reported that when Xin xiaodai again launched a hot search with keywords such as “anxiety” and “poverty”, there were fewer voices of admiration and more voices of doubt.
In 2019, when the word “anxiety” first appeared in “Koi” xinxiaodai, the public opinion gave her full sympathy. However, soon, the media revealed that xinxiaodai was not as embarrassed as she described. For example, her advertisement of 100000 yuan was worth a year’s salary of many people, The reason for her so-called “credit card explosion” is that her credit card limit is not high.