Lenovo’s official website provides fast service, and 20 city professional engineers become “express brother”


On June 1, Lenovo official website’s Consumerism express service was officially launched, covering more than 20 core cities in China. It was launched for some models in the official website’s Mall activity page. Orders before 11:00 on the same day were delivered on the same day, orders before 24:00 were delivered before 15:00 on the next day, and consumers will also receive a new machine pioneer service. Compared with the logistics distribution of other e-commerce websites, what’s more distinctive is that “speedup’s” express brothers “are engineers who know professional technology. Lenovo closely combines timeliness distribution with professional services related to new machines, creating a new service experience for users.
On the first day of its launch, the company made countless fans. A user showed his picture on the official website, “because of the wrong address, the engineer delivered the picture to the door to help install it dozens of kilometers across the district”, and the netizen called directly that the service was too considerate.
“Jisuda” business connects the widely distributed offline service outlets with the official website mall system, forming a “front warehouse” mode with service outlets as the core layout. Relying on Lenovo’s intelligent service, perfect big data analysis, intelligent matching, and professional engineer team, it adopts users’ Online Official mall to place orders, and offline matching service outlet engineers to carry out fast distribution, We will provide in-depth services such as opening up wasteland for new machines, continuously deepen the strategic transformation of taking consumers as the center, and realize the maximization of brand value.
As an innovative step in Lenovo’s intelligent development, the “super speed” model not only reflects the fruitful results of Lenovo’s intelligent transformation, but also highlights Lenovo’s strategic thinking of always taking consumers as the core. At the same time, it shows a new direction for the development of the industry, has a high market value, and is also a strong embodiment of Lenovo’s brand value.
In the future, with the continuous maturity of Lenovo’s fast distribution + service integration, the delivery efficiency will be further improved, moving towards the minute level, and the distribution city will also be further expanded.