Lenovo Liu Jun: ye Qinghui, presenting “black gold card for member 001”


On the evening of June 2, “dare to think, dare to fight — Lenovo’s summer starry night of consumer ecology” was held in Beijing. Wang Yibo, Lenovo’s brand spokesman, came to the scene as a mysterious guest. The atmosphere was warm. Liu Jun, executive vice president and President of Lenovo Group in China, sighed: “yeqinghui!” Liu Jun and Wang Yibo name each other as Lenovo member “Lianmeng”, and present a black gold card to Lenovo member 001, which symbolizes the highest honor of Lenovo member. They can enjoy free door-to-door service for life, as well as private customer service.
It is reported that Lenovo China has accumulated 140 million members since its member registration started in October 2017.