“Tesla legal department” official blog opened; Wechat upgrades youth mode again


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1. “Tesla legal department” official blog opened;
2. Wechat upgrades the youth mode again;
3. The glory 50 series was released on June 16;
4. Huawei “Hongmeng” trademark has been transferred;
5. Xiaopeng’s delivery in May increased by 483% year on year;
6. Pure electric Rolls Royce is under development.
The official blog of “Tesla’s legal department” was opened, with a brief introduction saying “think independently, distinguish right from wrong”
According to the news on June 1, Tesla has been on the cusp of the storm recently, with constant accident news and lawsuits.
Recently, Tesla has quietly launched the official blog of “Tesla legal department”. The microblog has no content yet, but the content of the introduction is very interesting – independent thinking and distinguishing right from wrong.
As we all know, at this year’s Shanghai auto show, a female owner of Tesla was carried away on the roof of the car by many people, which caused widespread controversy. After that, several reports of Tesla accidents appeared on the Internet, which pushed Tesla to the forefront of the storm.
Wechat upgraded the youth mode again, and the video Number exclusive content pool went online
On June 1, the protection ability of wechat youth mode was upgraded again. After setting this mode, teenagers can only watch the selected content suitable for teenagers on wechat video number platform. At present, this function is gradually covering. Users can update to the latest version of wechat and experience it according to the pop-up message of video number or after “i-settings-youth mode” is opened.
According to the WeChat school’s official account, after opening the WeChat youth model, children can use their own eyes to understand others and understand the world through their own eyes, whether it is “the content of my attention” or the content of “teenage content” recommended by the platform.
First line benchmarking: Huawei P50? Wan Biao, chairman of glory Mobile: glory 50 series released on June 16
On June 1, Wan Biao, chairman of glory, revealed in wechat circle of friends that glory’s latest flagship aircraft, glory 50 series, will be launched in Shanghai on June 16.
The official said that the glory 50 series is “the most beautiful work of vlog image”, which also means that its main function is vlog shooting.
Affected by the US sanctions, glory’s share in the Chinese market was divided up by its competitors in the months when the supply of core components was broken, with a minimum of less than 5%. Glory mobile phones account for nearly 16% of the market share in the peak period.
It is reported that Huawei’s “Hongmeng” trademark has been transferred
It was reported on June 1 that in 2019, the status of “Hongmeng” trademark process of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. was changed to rejection review. Recently, the relevant administrative judgment of the first instance was made public, and Huawei’s claim was rejected because it was similar to the quoted trademark.
According to the enterprise investigation, Huawei’s 42 categories of design and research and 9 categories of scientific instruments “Hongmeng” related trademarks have been transferred. The transferor is Huizhou Qibei Technology Co., Ltd. and the current trademark status is “in administrative litigation”.
According to various sources, Huawei Hongmeng trademark has been transferred by Huizhou Qibei technology. According to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, Hongmeng trademark was officially transferred from Huizhou Qibei technology to Huawei, including Hongmeng and Hongmeng trademark rights transfer.
The delivery volume of Xiaopeng automobile increased 483% year on year in May, and P7 broke the historical record
On June 1, Xiaopeng automobile released its latest report card. In May, Xiaopeng delivered 5686 vehicles, up 483% from the same period last year. Among them, the delivery volume of Xiaopeng P7 went up all the way to 3797 sets, setting the highest monthly delivery record since the large-scale delivery in July 2020.
Peng G3 delivered 1889 units, up 129% year on year. By the end of May 2021, the cumulative delivery volume of Xiaopeng automobile this year has reached 24173 units, which is more than five times that of the same period last year.
Xiaopeng said that since its launch in March this year, the market demand for Xiaopeng P7 lithium iron phosphate has been strong. The delivery of the model started in May, which pushed the overall monthly delivery volume of P7 to break the historical record in the first month, a 27% increase compared with April.
First line | Baidu’s new progress in car building: pricing more than 200000 yuan, a new round of financing in the second half of the year
On June 1, Jidu automobile, a joint venture between Baidu and Geely, held Q2 communication meeting in 2021. Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu automobile, said that the first car of Jidu automobile will appear at Beijing auto show in 2022.
He said that the models to be unveiled by Jidu auto at that time will be concept mass production vehicles, and the appearance is about 90% close to that of mass production vehicles. If optimistic, we can make reservations within next year.
Jidu automobile once said that it will invest 50 billion yuan in the next five years for the overall R & D and the continuous building of a series of models of Jidu automobile. According to Xia Yiping, a new round of financing is planned in the third or fourth quarter of this year.
Weilai delivered 6711 vehicles in May, a year-on-year increase of 95.3%
Weilai announced that 6711 vehicles were delivered in May, a year-on-year increase of 95.3%. As of May 31, 2021, Weilai has delivered 109514 sets in total.
Due to the fluctuation of supply chain and the adjustment of delivery link brought by chips, Weilai’s delivery work in May was temporarily affected. According to the latest production and delivery plan, Weilai will speed up the delivery pace in June, and the delivery volume guideline for the second quarter will remain unchanged, ranging from 21000 to 22000 units.
Apple plans to use OLED screens in some iPad models from next year
According to reports, apple (AAPL. US) plans to use OLED screens in some iPad models next year, and the specific model of the iPad has not been disclosed.
In March, Guo Mingli Z, an analyst of Tianfeng international, released an analysis report, saying that OLED screens are expected to be used on iPad product lines in 2022, and only high-end models in the product line will use mini LED screens.

At present, in Apple’s product line, only the high-end iPhone and all Apple watch models use OLED screens, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is equipped with mini LED screens, and the rest are equipped with LCD screens.
LG has officially stopped production of mobile phones, and the factory is transiting to the production of household appliances
In early April, LG officially announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market, but it will take some time to phase out operations. June 1 is reported to be the last day of LG’s production of mobile phones and tablets. However, old users need not worry too much. The company will continue to provide service support for existing devices in the future, while high-end models will continue to receive software support for at least three years.
According to foreign media, the factory of LG Electronics in Vietnam will change from producing mobile phones to producing household appliances. This may be used to maintain the employment problem of workers on the mobile phone production line, and the remaining workers on the mobile phone production line will be redistributed by the end of July.
Qutoutiao’s operating revenue reached 1.291 billion yuan in the first quarter, and its loss shrank year on year
On June 1, qutoutiao (NASDAQ: qtt) released its financial report for the first quarter of 2021. According to the financial report, the revenue of qutoutiao in the first quarter reached 1.291 billion yuan, and the ARPU value of the overall users continued to rise, with a year-on-year growth of 32.3%. At present, the number of active users has exceeded 10 million.
Tan siliang, founder and CEO of qutoutiao, said: “in 2021, we will continue to improve our profitability and strengthen our investment and support in Midu. Midu has made breakthroughs in IP incubation and content ecological construction, consolidating its leading position in the free reading industry. We firmly believe that under the long-term strategy, we can achieve the goals of growth and full year profitability of non fiction business. ”
There’s something wrong with Tesla again! In the basement out of control hit the wall, Tesla said no abnormal braking
Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao website recently reported that a new accident has happened to Tesla, which has been repeatedly disputed due to frequent accidents recently.
Recently, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a wall in the garage of a residential area in Binjiang, Hangzhou, China. Fortunately, people were OK. The owner said that the brake failed and could not be stepped down. In response, Tesla said that no abnormality was found in the vehicle’s brake system.
The most expensive new energy! Rolls Royce confirmed that the first electric car is under development
Recently, foreign media reported that Rolls Royce confirmed that it is developing silent shadow in mass production. The car will adopt pure electric drive design in the future. The official said that it will be a “brand new Rolls Royce”.
It is reported that the new car will adopt the design language of 103ex concept car, which is expected to be a four door super luxury car.
As the first pure electric vehicle of Rolls Royce brand, the appearance and interior of the new car will have a subversive design. At the same time, it is expected to adopt a new pure electric vehicle in the direction of vehicle technology and driving mode.
Musk is about to unlock the sea launch! SpaceX ocean space port can be put into operation as early as next year
Musk hit face again. The offshore rocket launch platform, which had previously claimed that it could be put into use by the end of 2021, will wait until next year at the earliest.
Recently, in response to fans on twitter, he revealed that the offshore launch platform Deimos is currently under construction and is expected to launch as early as next year. Only in February this year did he respond that one of the offshore launch platforms may have limited operation by the end of 2021.