The first “Hongmeng tablet” came, and the new generation of Huawei matepad Pro was released on June 2


Today (May 28), Huawei officially announced that the new Huawei matepad Pro will be released on June 2, and the Hongmeng operating system will be pre installed. This is another intelligent terminal device equipped with Hongmeng operating system, which Huawei “officially announced” after the watch.
Earlier, Huawei has confirmed that it will hold the “Hongmeng operating system and Huawei full scene new product launch” in the form of online live broadcast at 8 p.m. on June 2. Based on the current warm-up information, Huawei will release the Hongmeng operating system, which can cover mobile terminals such as smart phones, smart watches and tablet computers. At the same time, Huawei’s matepad tablet series will also bring new products.
At the beginning of this year, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, cited data from chnbrand to point out that Huawei tablet has become the second most recommended brand among consumers in the same category, and Huawei is also the most recognized brand among consumers in the industry. Indeed, Huawei’s matepad series tablet, which was born in 2019, has become a high-end flagship product with the same reputation as mate series mobile phones and matebook laptops.
The tablet series, titled “mate”, is not only high-end, but also contains Huawei’s wild hope for creative tools of large screen productivity. Huawei’s matepad pro, which was launched last year, can interact with Huawei’s mobile phones in a distributed way by virtue of its excellent multi screen collaboration capability, thus winning the favor of many consumers, including many Huawei mobile phone users. Therefore, when Huawei announced that the new generation of flagship tablet would be equipped with Hongmeng operating system, many consumers expressed full expectations.
According to the official definition, harmonyos is a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. It will bring a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full scene interactive experience. Some developers have said that Hongmeng’s biggest advantage lies in Huawei’s ecological deployment and distributed collaboration of the system. In other words, with Hongmeng system, we can break through the existing system barriers between different devices, so as to connect and collaborate them. Huawei’s matepad pro, which is loaded with Hongmeng operating system, is expected to cooperate with smart devices such as mobile phones in multiple screens, bringing a more seamless and efficient experience.
The highly acclaimed “parallel view” function of the previous generation of Huawei matepad Pro greatly expands the use scenarios of the tablet. Users can browse and operate horizontally on this large screen; For developers, Huawei has also opened relevant capability interfaces to help developers adapt to large screens as soon as possible. We are looking forward to the changes that the new generation of Huawei matepad Pro will bring in the “parallel view” function.
In addition, this time, Huawei will bring an update for the stylus. From the warm-up Poster Released by Huawei, we can see that the second generation of Huawei m-pencil has adopted the design of six sides in one and transparent nib, and the appearance value has reached a new level. It can be predicted that the second generation of stylus will provide a more fluent and accurate writing ability, which will help illustrators, note takers and business people to further release their creativity. With the ability of open pencil engine on hdc2020, I believe Hongmeng system and its ecological developers can use this high-precision stylus to bring more possibilities.
The arrival of Hongmeng tablet is really gratifying. As for what breakthroughs this new Huawei matepad Pro will bring, we are looking forward to it on June 2.