Tencent set up CSIG Technology Committee to build technology culture oriented to industrial Internet


In order to continuously promote the in-depth development of Tencent’s industrial Internet strategy, on May 28, Tencent cloud and smart industry group (CSIG) announced the formal establishment of a technical committee to build a technology culture more suitable for the development of industrial Internet through a top-down approach, provide a good growth platform for talents, create lasting value for customers, and lay out cutting-edge technologies for the future. Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and CEO of cloud and smart industry group, is the president.
Tang Daosheng said: “in the process of deepening the reform, maintaining the long-term investment and effort in technology construction is not only the values of CSIG, but also the needs of the industry and customers. It is to practice our mission through technology: technological innovation drives the digital upgrading of the industry‚Äú
Set up eight working groups to build technology culture for the future
Under the newly established technical committee, there are eight working groups, including cloud native, standard formulation and implementation, R & D efficiency improvement, quality and operation stability, technology frontier exploration, and technology collaborative construction. By building a “technology club” to promote horizontal exchanges and cooperation, valuable technologies can be efficiently reused, and internal technology potential can be transformed into external productivity, Boost the rapid development of business.
Taking the cloud native working group as an example, it will be responsible for promoting the application and implementation of cloud native technology system in CSIG, combining with the strategy of “self research on cloud”, improving the maturity of business cloud native generation, and exporting the development, computing, architecture, data and security of cloud native in the form of PAAS. Let the application access once and run everywhere, accelerate the improvement of production and research efficiency, and accelerate the further integration of cloud technology and intelligent industry.
The working group on quality and operation stability will establish the industrial Internet technology culture of “safety and stability first”, and optimize the R & D process, improve the operation and maintenance ability, and enhance the R & D efficiency by controlling the technology release frequency, strengthening disaster recovery drill and monitoring, and strengthening the construction of tool platform.
In addition, the working group will work closely with the company’s technical committee to provide a better platform and support mechanism for technical talents and create a culture of encouraging innovation.
Maintain long-term investment and create real value for industrial digital upgrading
Under the broad prospect of industrial Internet, the development of technology is changing with each passing day, new technologies, new ideas and new models are emerging, and the future industrial pattern is being reshaped. For example, the industrialization of artificial intelligence, the formulation of industry standards, the investment of open source community, and the further evolution of zero trust security technology require Tencent to maintain long-term investment in the development of future technology.
In addition, as an important technical system and methodology, cloud Nativity provides a standard abstraction for the bottom layer cloud resources, which facilitates the construction and operation of the upper layer elastic extensible applications. Through cloud native technology, public cloud, private cloud and edge cloud can be organically combined with component distributed operating system, so that applications can be accessed once and run everywhere, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and research, and accelerates the further integration of cloud technology and intelligent industry. This is exactly the opportunity and mission entrusted to Tencent CSIG by the times.
Since Tencent formally established the company level technical committee in 2018, self research on cloud and open source collaboration have become Tencent’s two major technology strategies. After two years of development, Tencent has achieved a series of results. In terms of open source collaboration, it improves the company’s R & D efficiency internally, and is a bridge connecting global developers to share knowledge and build technology externally. As of last year, the number of global stars of Tencent’s open source projects on GitHub has increased by 30% every year, and Tencent has become one of the largest technology companies in the world.
CSIG Technical Committee and the company’s technical committee will be closely linked and coordinated, through the top-down way to build a customer-centered, safe and stable industrial Internet technology culture, more comprehensive and forward-looking technology layout, and create real value for industrial upgrading and social and economic development.
Build a complete technical capability to promote the in-depth development of industrial Internet
In recent years, Tencent’s investment in the technology field has also been recognized by the market, and has achieved breakthroughs in the long-term exploration and accumulation of more cost-effective self-developed hardware, stable and reliable cloud infrastructure, distributed database and big data system, low latency audio and video technology, security attack and defense and product system, CV and NLP applications in different industries.
At present, Tencent has more than one million servers in the whole network, which is the first company in China and the fifth company in the world to operate more than one million servers. At the same time, the peak bandwidth of Tencent’s cloud has exceeded 100t, and its services and traffic have entered the first echelon in the world. With the further surge of customer demand, Tencent cloud is accelerating the deployment of Xingxinghai self research server products in data centers around the world.
In the field of audio and video, Tencent cloud constructs the most complete audio and video communication PAAS platform in the industry, providing solutions for vertical scenarios such as pan entertainment, online education, conference and office collaboration, finance, customer service and marketing. Last year, a total of 300 million meetings were held in Tencent conference, promoting cloud bidding, cloud signing, cloud interview, cloud training and so on to become a new trend. At present, Tencent cloud has covered 90% of domestic audio and video customers, and the market share of video cloud solutions ranks first in the industry.
Tencent cloud database has entered the world’s top series, and has maintained its advantage in the localization trend. In the “top 100 list of China’s banking industry in 2020” released by China Banking Association, nearly half of Tencent cloud distributed database tdsql services are top 20 banks, and 60% of top 10 banks. And successfully selected into the magic quadrant of cloud database management system released by international research institute Gartner.
At the same time, Tencent cloud is not only the most powerful cloud manufacturer in China, but also the company with the largest amount of daily real-time computing. Tencent cloud big data platform has more than 40 trillion real-time calculations per day, and can support more than one trillion dimensional data training.

In addition, in the field of AI, as of September last year, Tencent had applied for more than 5600 AI patents in China and authorized more than 1200 AI patents. The total number of Chinese AI patent applications ranked first among domestic Internet companies. Tencent cloud AI public cloud processes more than 3 billion images, 2.5 million hours of speech and 100 billion sentences of natural language every day. It serves more than 1.2 billion global users and more than 2 million customers.
Facing the future, Tencent will continue to maintain the open concept, continue to increase technology investment, create a good development platform and support mechanism for talent and technology innovation, continue to create real value for customers, and promote the in-depth development of industrial digital upgrading.