Tencent announced the establishment of CSIG Technical Committee


In order to continuously promote the in-depth development of Tencent’s industrial Internet strategy, on May 28, Tencent cloud and smart industry group (CSIG) announced the formal establishment of a technical committee to build a technology culture more suitable for the development of industrial Internet through a top-down approach, provide a good growth platform for talents, create lasting value for customers, and lay out cutting-edge technologies for the future.
Under the newly established technical committee, there are eight working groups: cloud native, standard formulation and implementation, R & D efficiency improvement, quality and operation stability, technology frontier exploration, and technology collaborative construction. Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and CEO of cloud and smart industry group, is the president.
“In the process of deepening reform, maintaining long-term investment and contribution in technology construction is not only the value of CSIG, but also the demand of industry and customers. It is through technology to fulfill our mission: technological innovation drives industrial digital upgrading,” he said