Is musk hitting face again? To ensure automatic driving safety, Tesla uses cameras to monitor drivers


Tencent technology news on May 28, US local time on Thursday, electric vehicle manufacturer Stella announced in the latest software update that the on-board cameras on its model 3 and model y cars have been activated to monitor driver behavior when autopilot, the driver assistance system, is enabled.
In an update called 2021.4.15.11, Tesla said: “when autopilot starts, the cab camera above the rearview mirror can now detect and alert the driver to stay focused.” It’s worth noting that Tesla has a data closed-loop system, which means that the images captured by the camera won’t leave the car. Tesla said the system could not save bus information unless data sharing was enabled. Many Tesla owners active on twitter have mentioned the firmware update.
Tesla has been criticized for not activating the driver monitoring system in the car, despite growing evidence that car owners abused autopilot. Car owners have posted a large number of videos on youtube and tiktok about the abuse of autopilot, and some even filmed themselves sitting in the back seat of a car watching the car drive automatically on the highway. Several fatal accidents involving Tesla cars have been linked to the launch of autopilot, which has put more pressure on the company to take action.
Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has previously refused to use a camera based driver monitoring system. In 2020, Tesla activated the camera for the first time in a software update, requiring people to allow it to take videos and photos on a voluntary basis to “develop security features and enhancements in the future.”.
Before that, Tesla had never used the camera installed on the car, but relied on the sensor on the steering wheel to measure the torque, which should have required the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel. Drivers recorded and shared videos on social media about how to trick sensors into thinking someone was holding the steering wheel.
Tesla did not disclose details of the driver monitoring system: for example, whether it tracks eye gaze or head position, or whether it will be used for “hands-free driving.”. GM’s super cruise and Ford’s blue cruise driver assistance systems both allow “hands-free driving” on certain highways. Their system combines map data, high-precision GPS, cameras, radar sensors and a system to monitor the driver’s attention to ensure that the driver is attentive.
Tesla’s car standard is equipped with a driver assistance system called autopilot. For an additional $10000, car owners can buy the “full automatic driving” (FSD) kit. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has promised that the feature will provide full automatic driving capability in the future. FSD is steadily improving both in price and performance.
However, Tesla has not yet realized the true sense of automatic driving. FSD includes parking function sum and active guidance system navigate on autopilot, which can guide vehicles from ramp to freeway, including through intersection and lane change. When the driver enters the destination into the navigation system, they can turn on the navigation on autopilot function of the journey.
A few days ago, Tesla tweeted that it would remove the radar from the model y and model 3 cars produced for North American customers and instead use the combination of musk driven cameras and machine learning to support autopilot and other active safety functions.
Automobile manufacturers usually use a combination of radar and camera, sometimes including lidar, to provide the required sensing environment functions to support advanced driving assistance system functions, such as adaptive cruise control (matching vehicle speed with surrounding traffic conditions), lane maintenance and automatic lane change. Musk trumpets the potential of its so-called “Tesla vision” system, which uses only cameras and so-called neural network processing to detect and understand what’s going on in the environment around the vehicle, and then make appropriate responses.
The decision to remove the radar from the vehicle has had some negative effects on Tesla《 The consumer report will no longer list model 3 as the “best recommended vehicle”, and the American highway safety insurance association plans to cancel the title of “best recommended vehicle for safety” of model 3. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it will no longer carry out advanced safety function certification for model 3 and model y vehicles produced on or after April 27, 2021, including automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and dynamic braking support( Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)