Zhihu community content structural upgrade: content that meets the standard will get more than twice the traffic increase


Tencent technology announced on May 27 that Zhihu will upgrade the community content standard and content distribution mechanism, strengthen community governance, adjust the content structure, and provide more stage and space for the production and consumption of good content.
After the upgrade, good content that meets the community standards will get more than twice the traffic increase, which will drive the attention and revenue growth of content creators. The purpose of this move is to improve the content management and community environmental protection of Zhihu, and build a cleaner and more progressive community ecology.
Zhou Yuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu, said, “good content should give users a sense of gain.”. At the financial report conference in the first quarter of this year, Zhou Yuan emphasized the importance of community construction, “Zhihu will continue to expand the structural adjustment of Zhihu content, increase the construction of community ecology, and promote the overall progress of content community.”.
In order to cope with this upgrade, Zhihu introduces the credit weight, which calculates different professional weight for each user in different fields. For the approval or opposition of stakeholders, the voting weight will be adjusted to achieve the transparency and rationality of content evaluation.
While encouraging the content of “sense of gain”, Zhihu will launch a sustained special action on community governance, reiterating community norms, and through a series of measures, cracking down on low-quality content such as false fabrication, three outlooks, violation of public order and good customs, existence of wrong or misleading disputes, stimulation of opposition and negative emotions, and bringing personal and property safety risks, Users can get positive, high-quality content and positive, friendly experience while searching for answers.
“Low quality content not only destroys the trust of the community, but also does not bring a sense of gain to users. We are also willing to maintain open and continuous communication to jointly maintain a good atmosphere in Zhihu community, “said the relevant person in charge of Zhihu.