Today’s deep selection of IOS 15 brings the biggest update in ten years; Can Huawei sell cars well without making cars?


Today’s focus:
1 doubt: can Huawei, which doesn’t make cars, sell them well?
2 Changes: IOS 15 is coming! Bring the biggest change in ten years
3 disruption: Amazon buys MGM, 007 becomes an employee
4 second round: this may be the deep logic of Xiaomi’s car making
5 change: why does Tesla set up a data center in China?
6 unveiling: Zeng Yuqun, the richest man, and his battery empire in Ningde Era
Question: can Huawei, which doesn’t make cars, sell them well?
When people continue to struggle over whether Huawei makes cars, Huawei once again grabs people’s attention with the news of selling cars.
It’s not new for technology companies to build cars, and it’s logical for them to build and sell their own cars. However, Huawei went around the corner and repeatedly reiterated that it would not build cars, but put other brands of cars on sale in its own stores.
Many people are confused about Huawei’s car sales. They suspect that it is the “crazy operation” after the stagnation of mobile phone business and the sharp decline of its performance. But now that Huawei has started to act quickly, there is only one question left: can Huawei sell the car well?
Change: IOS 15 is coming! Bring the biggest update in ten years!
Apple officially announced that the wwdc21 global developers conference will open at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on June 8.
According to the online news, the upgrade of IOS 15 is mainly divided into three parts: UI, interaction and control center. Compared with IOS 14, IOS 15 is the biggest update in a decade!
The most obvious change this time is UI design! As we all know, in systems before IOS 7, icons are all in the style of simulacra. The icon of IOS 14 is flat style, and the icon of IOS 15 will return to the “simulacrum style” again.
Trouble: Amazon buys MGM, 007 becomes employee of Bezos
Competing with Netflix, Amazon is not bad for money. MGM won US $8.45 billion, becoming the second most expensive acquisition project in Amazon’s history.
The acquisition of one of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands will be Amazon’s most radical attempt to enter Hollywood.
After Bezos pocketed 007 and lodge, can he rely on his own traffic and the popularity accumulated by MGM IP to make a breakthrough in the fierce streaming media industry in the United States?
FuPan: this may be the deep logic of Xiaomi’s car making
Maybe it’s too late to build a car. It has been “diving” for a long time in the car making track, and the official announcement of Xiaomi is also forced by the situation.
There is no lack of giants in the market who value the construction of car tracks. Especially in the past year, the capital market has been constantly updating the valuation myth of new energy vehicles, which makes these competitors run into the market.
If we wait for a few more rounds of fighting in the new energy vehicle market, the market is likely to win all and concentrate on the head, which also means that it will be more and more difficult for the latecomers to enter. Moreover, the pace of the market is very fast, leaving little time for Xiaomi.
Of course, the cross boundary of Xiaomi is not as simple as that of mobile phones and wheels, and naturally it will not be as easy as that of smart rice cookers. When Xiaomi will be able to build a car, and whether it can really build a good car, there will be many tests ahead.
Change: why does Tesla set up a data center in China?
The storm of brake failure is not over, and Tesla has begun to act.
Tesla officially announced that it has established data centers in China to localize data storage, and will gradually add more local data centers. All data generated by the sale of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in the territory.
The establishment of a data center and the opening of a vehicle information query platform have proved that Tesla’s attitude is 180% ° The big turn also proves that Tesla’s previous model may not be able to run smoothly in China, and the company needs to make changes.
Revealing: Zeng Yuqun, the richest man, and his battery empire in Ningde Era
Wealth and challenge, Zeng Yuqun, who has always been low-key and mysterious, was pushed to the front stage by the media after becoming the “richest man”.
However, what does not match with the industry popularity and the huge wealth of its owners in Ningde era is that Zeng Yuqun’s fortune story is not common in public information.
People only know that he was born in 1968 in a small mountain village in Ningde, Fujian Province. His family was poor. He worked in a foreign enterprise, and then returned to his hometown to start a business. From consumer batteries to power batteries, he soared to the sky.
We visited Ningde times headquarters and Zeng Yuqun’s hometown in Ningde and other places, hoping to find a richer side behind this “power battery king” and his trillion empire.
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