Redmi note10 series mobile phones start selling at 999 yuan


On May 26, Beijing time, redmi held a new product launch and officially released the redmi note10 series of mobile phones, including note10 and note10 pro, with the former selling from 999 yuan and the latter from 1499 yuan.
Redmi note10 Pro uses a 6.6-inch LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, supports dynamic adjustment of refresh rate of 6 gears, supports dci-p3 color gamut and 2400×1080 resolution. In addition, the redmi note 10 Pro uses Corning gorilla victus glass for the first time, which is the toughest gorilla glass to date. Because of the LCD screen material, redmi note10 Pro still uses the side fingerprint + power integrated key design.
In terms of core hardware, redmi note10 Pro uses Tianji 1100 processor and UFS 3.1 memory chip. In terms of battery, this mobile phone is equipped with 5000mAh battery and supports 67W fast charging function.
In the lens part, redmi note10 Pro is equipped with a three lens module. The main lens uses the 64 megapixel lens of Howell technology ov64b, and the sub lens includes an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens.
In other aspects, note10 Pro has stereo speakers and X-axis linear motor, and its fuselage has three colors, officially named Huanqing, yuepo and Xingsha. In terms of price, redmi note10 Pro has three versions: 6 + 128GB for 1499 yuan, 8 + 128GB for 1799 yuan, and 8 + 256gb for 1999 yuan.
Redminote10 uses a 6.5-inch 90hz LCD screen, equipped with a MediaTek Tianji 700 processor, a 48 million + 2 million pixel dual camera, a battery capacity of 5000mAh, and supports 18W fast charging.
The fuselage has four colors, including moon shadow silver, clear mountain blue, bamboo stone blue and Nebula gray. In terms of price, redmi note10 has four versions. The 4 + 128GB version costs 999 yuan, the 6 + 128GB version costs 1199 yuan, the 8 + 128GB version costs 1399 yuan, and the 8 + 256gb version costs 1599 yuan.
In addition to mobile phones, redmi has also launched new TWS headphones and laptops.
First, headphones. At the press conference, redmi released its first noise reduction headset, airdots 3 Pro, with a price of 349 yuan and an initial price of 299 yuan. Airdots 3 Pro supports 35dB noise reduction depth, which is consistent with Apple’s airpods pro. It also supports three gear active noise reduction mode, which can adapt to different environments and match comfortable noise reduction depth.
In terms of appearance design, redmi airdots 3 Pro adopts tailless design, which is only 4.9g and very small in size. In terms of endurance, one ear can listen for 6 hours, and 28 hours of endurance can be achieved with the charging box. It also supports Qi wireless charging technology.
For the notebook product line, redmibook updates the redmibook Pro released in February, and adds the AMD processor version. There are two versions of Raptor R5 and R7 with Zen 3 architecture. Other configurations are consistent with the previous Intel version.
In terms of price, redmibook Pro 15 is divided into two configurations: R5 5600h / 16GB / 512gb is priced at 4799 yuan, R7 5800h / 16GB / 512gb is priced at 5299 yuan. The first price of redmibook Pro 14 is 4299 yuan for r55500u / 16GB / 512gb version and 4699 yuan for R7 5700u / 16GB / 512gb version.