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Peng Yongdong, CEO of shell, was the chairman of the board;
2 Kwai’s revenue was 17 billion yuan in the first quarter.
Huawei Wang Chenglu: Hongmeng will open source system soon;
4. Keep plans to go to the US for IPO, raising 500 million US dollars;
5. A number of Korean car companies have stopped production due to chip shortage;
Ningde times will release sodium ion battery.
Musk is beaten in the face! Tesla uses lidar in autopilot test
Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, said recently that lidar was a “futile job.”. However, Tesla prototypes are still being tested on the road, and the model y for testing has strange sensors installed on the luggage rack.
Grayson brute, an American autopilot, captured a model y in Palm Beach, Florida. This model y with luggage rack is attached with California manufacturer’s license plate“ I’m 99.9% sure they use luminar’s lidar technology. Luminar told me it was their technology
Peng Yongdong, CEO of shell, takes up the post of chairman and Zuo Hui is the “forever honorary chairman”
Shell’s CEO Peng Yongdong is the chairman of shell, and its coo Mr. Xu Wangang is the executive director of shell.
At the same time, shell announced Mr. Zuo Hui as the “forever honorary chairman” of the company to commemorate his great contribution and precious spiritual heritage.
On May 20, shell officials issued an obituary saying Zuo Hui, the founder and chairman of shell, died of an unexpected deterioration of his illness.
Kwai’s revenue in the first quarter was 17 billion yuan: online marketing revenue accounted for over 50% net loss rate fell compared with the same period
Kwai tech released its first quarter results in 2021. In the first quarter, the total revenue of Kwai master was 17 billion yuan, up 36.6% over the same period.
Among them, the revenue of online marketing services increased by 161.5% year-on-year to 8.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the total revenue for the first time. The Kwai’s net loss in the quarter was $4 billion 900 million under non GAAP.
In the first quarter, the average daily active users of China Kwai app and small programs reached 379 million 200 thousand, an increase of 26.4% over the same period, a 20% increase of the ring. On the Kwai app application, the average daily usage time of each active user is 99.3 minutes, up 16.5% from the same period last year, which is 10.5% higher than the 89.9 minutes announced in the fourth quarter of last year.
Wang Chenglu, President of Software Department of Huawei’s consumer business: Hongmeng will open source system soon
On May 24, at the award ceremony of Hongmeng developer innovation competition, Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s consumer business software department, said that Hongmeng would soon open source systems and launch harmony OS courses in 15 schools including Wuhan University.
Previously, at the recent Huawei Hongmeng partner summit, Yang Haisong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business AI and wisdom full scene business department, said in an interview with the media that Hongmeng system is completely open-source and open-source, and this year, according to the established plan, it will open up the full stack system of 128mb-4gb devices“ We welcome the three mobile phone manufacturers to use Hongmeng system and build together. ” However, “the” who “and” when “of the third-party mobile phones will go to Hongmeng system completely depend on the business considerations of the manufacturers.”
Shein, the most secretive unicorn is going to IPO: its valuation has soared to 300 billion yuan
A group of investors are crowding their brains out for Shein. The unicorn’s latest round of financing valuation has exceeded 300 billion yuan. Meanwhile, Shein has begun to prepare for an IPO and is expected to submit a listing prospectus in the near future.
Standing behind Shein, Xu Yangtian, the leader of the post-80s generation, is particularly mysterious. After years of development, the true face of the company has finally been revealed – in 2020, Shein’s revenue will be nearly 10 billion US dollars (about 60 billion yuan).
Now, behind this big Mac, there are many well-known VC / PE Institutions, including Jifu Asia, IDG capital, Jinglin investment, Sequoia China, tiger global, Shunwei capital, etc. There is also a legend in the e-commerce circle: a well-known VC investor won the first World War by capturing Shein early.
The response of the relevant person in charge of the foreign terminal to “listing in China”: basically true
Foreign docks are speeding up their journey to the capital market. On May 23, the relevant person in charge responded that some media disclosed that “the red chip structure has been started and the domestic listing layout has been accelerated”.
From being rumored to be acquired to planning to be listed in China, the capital action of foreign terminal has been continuous, and the way of listing has changed again and again. The international epidemic has caused continuous uncertainty to the cross-border supply chain, accelerated the shuffling speed of the industry, and also enhanced the sense of urgency of old players.
It is reported that keep plans to go to the United States for IPO and raise $500 million
On May 24, keep, a social sports platform, plans to go to the United States for IPO, raising $500 million. Currently, keep has submitted a US listed prospectus and is preparing to raise $300-500 million, with the underwriters of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.
As early as March this year, keep was said to be going public. This is the second time that keep has been said to be going public this year. In January this year, when the f round of financing of 360 million US dollars was completed, keep was also reported that it planned to go public.
As a star product of Internet fitness, keep is the favorite of the capital market. In the nearly six years since its launch, keep has accumulated eight rounds of financing, with a total of US $600 million.
A white es8 from Jianguomen inner street in Beijing crashed into the isolation belt, causing serious damage to the front of the car

According to Internet reports, on the afternoon of May 24, a white es8 car crashed on Jianguomen inner street in Beijing. According to the photos at the scene, the car crashed into the isolation belt beside the road, causing serious damage to the whole front of the car. According to the photos revealed by other netizens, not far from the accident, the side of a black GL8 was damaged. According to the picture, the cause of the accident may be the collision of two cars during lane changing. No casualties have been found at the scene of the accident. The details and causes of the accident are under further investigation.
South Korea’s auto companies partly shut down due to chip shortage
Hyundai Motor and Kia are in a core shortage situation. Hyundai has decided to suspend some of its factories from the 24th. Kia is considering suspending production in its U.S. factories.
Yazun and Sonata production lines of Hyundai Yashan plant will be shut down from 24 to 26. According to Hyundai Motor, the production plan of more than 3000 cars will be poor.
Kia to consider 27-28 to suspend production in Georgia.
Will Ningde era release the idea that sodium ion battery can replace lithium battery?
On May 23, according to Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde times, Ningde times will release sodium batteries around July 2021. In terms of price, due to the new introduction of sodium battery series, the price may be higher than that of lithium battery.
Sodium battery is related to the fact that domestic lithium resources mainly depend on imports. According to the report of Guotai Junan Securities, 70% of China’s lithium resources need to be imported. Therefore, the development of sodium ion battery is a good supplement to the ternary high nickel technology route. Sodium ion battery can support and guarantee the lithium-ion battery.
Ruoyu technology releases micro led elastic flexible screen technology after IPO
Recently, Rouyu technology released a self-developed micro led elastic flexible screen technology. This is the latest technology development released after Rouyu voluntarily withdrew its listing application in February this year. People related to Rouyu said that due to the limitations of materials and technology, the elastic properties of the former two are not as good as that of Rouyu’s technology.
Previously, Rouyu technology was repeatedly questioned by the outside world because of its questionable technical route, low production and marketing rate, and difficult profitability. At the end of January this year, Rouyu technology ranked in the spot check list of 20 enterprises on the science and technology innovation board and growth enterprise market of China Securities Regulatory Commission. Obviously, Rouyu hopes to use new technology to boost the market.
Fire money suspended Chinese mainland new user contracts, leverage, ETP and other services.
Recently, a screenshot of a chat between a user and fire coin customer service was posted on the Internet. The screenshot says that “at present, fire coin contract does not support Chinese users to open an account for the time being, and users who have previously passed the authentication of fire coin account but have not opened a contract account can not open a contract account now.” In response, Huo Yuan said that in order to protect the interests of investors, new users in some countries and regions are temporarily not allowed to open services such as contracts, leverage and ETP due to large market fluctuations.