Kuafu completed two rounds of nearly 100 million yuan financing in three months


Recently, Kuafu Fried String, a brand of Beijing wanpisi Food Technology Co., Ltd., completed two rounds of financing of nearly 100 million yuan in three months. Round a is led by pleasure capital and followed by Yuanhe origin; The a + round was led by Huaying capital, and the old shareholders Yuanhe origin and joyful capital were all over invested. The financing funds will be used for digital store operation, supply chain construction, brand influence construction and team upgrading.
Kuafu Fried String brand was founded in early 2019. Its products are inspired by the fried string of Leshan, Sichuan Province, providing fried meat products, bean products, fresh vegetables and seafood products. Kuafu Fried String adopts the business model of “small store, Dalian lock, full supply chain”, that is, the store area and investment are small, the scale of thousands of stores in thousands of cities is chained, and almost all back-end supply is provided for franchisees.