Glory CEO Zhao Ming talks about making cars: if we don’t make cars, we should do our best in the direction of focus


On May 24, Zhao Ming, CEO of Tencent technology, returned to his alma mater Shanghai Jiaotong University to deliver a keynote speech, announcing the official opening of the 2021 glory creative elite challenge and answering students’ questions.
During the question session, someone asked “what is the plan to completely strip Huawei of its aura and glorify the future?”. In this regard, Zhao Ming said that glory has an advantage that many companies do not have, that is, rapid development. Glory may be a 100 billion level company, but I have very few staff. There are many opportunities for young people to join in.
Zhao Ming once again responded to the question of making a car: “there are a lot of air outlets now. The media asked me two days ago, do you want to make a car? No, we must make this field the strongest and the best in the direction we focus on. ”
As for the future trend of the mobile phone industry, Zhao Ming said that as of today, mobile phones are irreplaceable. It is the best solution and the best balance. In terms of all kinds of balance, it has not been found so far, but as an enterprise, glory should be ready to be subverted at any time.