Apple released the official version of IOS 14.6 and announced that WWDC will be held on June 8


Tencent technology news in the early morning of May 25, Beijing time, after two quasi official versions, apple finally officially released the official version update of IOS 14.6 and iPad 14.6, with the version number of 18f72. This version fixes the previous 14.5.1 performance optimization for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.
The biggest update to IOS 14.6 comes from support for new features of Apple music. Including spatial audio with Dolby atmos and lossless audio, which are expected to be supported in June this year.
Apple said space audio would provide an immersive audio experience, while lossless audio would provide higher quality music. At the time of release, thousands of tracks will support spatial audio, while more than 20000 songs will support lossless audio. By the end of this year, 75 million songs will support lossless audio.
In addition, 14.6 IOS 14.6 will launch Apple podcast subscription service for the first time. The service was first announced at Apple’s launch in April.
The following is the content of Apple IOS 14.6 official update:
Apple Card Family
Apple card can be shared with up to five people, including anyone aged 13 or above in the user’s home sharing group
Apple card family supports families to track expenditures and jointly establish credit through optional limits and control management expenditures
Support subscription channel and single program
Airtag and “find”
A new option in lost mode allows you to add email addresses instead of phone numbers for airtag and “find” network accessories
When using NFC enabled devices to tap airtag, the owner’s phone number displayed will be partially hidden
Auxiliary function
Voice control users can use their voice to unlock their iPhone for the first time
This update also fixes the following issues:
After using “lock iPhone” on Apple watch, “unlock with apple watch” may not work
Reminders may appear as blank lines
Call blocking extensions may not appear in settings
Bluetooth devices may sometimes disconnect or send audio to other devices during a call
IPhone may suffer performance degradation during startup
At the same time, apple officially announced in the early morning that the WWDC 2021 developer conference will open at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on June 8. At that time, WWDC 2021 will be open to more than 30 million Apple developers in 227 regions of the world for free.
Apple will officially release new systems of Apple’s many product lines on this WWDC, including IOS 15, Mac OS 12, watchos 8 and so on, among which IOS 15 and Mac OS 12 are the most anticipated. Some foreign media have exposed the list of IOS 15’s upgraded models before, while the iPhone 6S and the first generation iPhone se have joined the abandoned team, and similar news has appeared many times before.
As for hardware, Apple’s airpods 3 may be a hardware product that Apple will soon release and support new space audio and lossless audio. At the same time, it is rumored that AR glasses may officially appear on the WWDC.