Apple epic’s final trial is approaching, cook “asks three questions” in the witness box


Tencent technology news on May 24, game application developer epic and Apple’s lawsuit war trial is expected to end on Monday. During the three week trial, the judge uses the form of debate to ask the plaintiff and the defendant questions about their cases.
The outcome of the trial will have a profound impact outside the courts in Oakland, California, as apple faces scrutiny from legislators, regulators and software developers. They believe Apple has exercised too much control in its app store and limited competition. Apple refutes these claims, pointing out that it faces competition from other app stores and devices, as well as the company’s desire to provide users with a seamless experience. The judge is expected to rule in the coming months.
The crux of this lawsuit is the 30% commission of Apple App store, which is called “Apple tax”. In a three week trial, epic complained that Apple improperly blocked third-party app stores on its mobile devices and forced developers to use its in app payment system for all digital transactions, allowing them to charge up to 30% commission.
Apple responded that users can access epic’s fortress night video game in a variety of ways, and its commission is the same as that of other platforms. Apple argued that epic only tried to take advantage of Apple’s investment and app store, without paying its share.
Before Monday’s final court statement, executives, including apple chief executive Tim Cook, came to the bench last week to prove that the company is not a monopoly and that the purpose of banning third-party app stores is to protect users. Cook faced a sharp question from U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Friday when he asked whether there was a problem with game developer epic bypassing Apple’s website to provide users with information to obtain the same in app purchases. That is, whether Apple can allow epic to link apps to web browsers for transactions, rather than forcing users to use the purchase mechanism in Apple apps.
“I understand the idea that apple is bringing customers to gamers and users in some way. But after the first time, after the first interaction, developers keep their customers, and apple benefits from it, “she said. Cook disagrees with this view. He believes that although many apps in the app store are free to users, their existence helps to bring traffic to the store, thus benefiting game developers. “If we allow people to connect like this, we actually give up the total return on intellectual property,” Cook said.
The judge also asked apple what problems it had with allowing users to choose, especially its ability to have cheaper choices in the game“ I think they have a choice today, “cook responded“ They can choose between many different models of Android smartphones or iPhones. IPhones have certain principles in terms of safety, security and privacy. ”
How did the security of iPhone become a problem in the trial?
Epic claims that Apple’s claim that it must strictly control its app store for security reasons is an exaggeration and an attempt to justify the exclusion of third-party app stores from the iPhone. To help prove this, epic relies on testimony that the operating system is the key to mobile security, and suggests that systems like Apple laptops and desktops should be as secure.
Craig federighi, Apple’s chief software officer, tried to refute this when he testified in court on Wednesday, explaining why the security of a Mac that supports third-party applications is not strong enough for the iPhone“ Today, we found a certain amount of malware on the Mac, which we think is unacceptable and much worse than IOS, “he testified“ Putting the same situation on IOS will be a very, very bad situation for our customers. ”
Google’s Android operating system has more problems, he said. A Google spokesman pointed out that the company’s latest quarterly transparency report showed that less than 0.2% of consumers and enterprise Android devices installed malicious apps through Google play, an app store. The judge noted that an expert witness from epic testified that there was no real difference between the attacks on Android and iPhone“ So, what quantitative analysis do you have to show that this is not the case? ” Asked the judge. Frederick cited Nokia’s report that Android devices are “about 30 times more likely to be infected with viruses than IOS,” and said other reports showed greater bias.
But when epic’s lawyer, yonatan even, had the opportunity to question Federick, he tried to refute the latter’s statement. Evan questioned claims about security, but Federick said he was not involved in Nokia’s research.
The two argued repeatedly on related issues until the judge finally interrupted it“ Don’t argue with him, “Gonzalez Rogers said“ Let’s go on. ”
How does Apple deal with the issue of app store profitability?
As one of Apple’s most senior executives, Phil Schiller has been at Apple for about 20 years. He talked about how much Apple has done to help developers successfully build and develop applications in its market. Apple has spent about $100 billion on R & D since 2005, including about $18 billion in 2020, he said. But Schiller said he didn’t know if the app store itself was profitable because Apple didn’t see it as a separate department, but he acknowledged it was likely to be. Epic’s lawyers estimate that Apple’s app store has earned at least $20 billion in commission by 2017, according to Apple’s publicly disclosed data. Schiller has no objection to the number.

Cook also responded to testimony from other executives that the company did not publish app store earnings data. In Friday’s trial, cook avoided most discussions about his profitability. When asked about Apple’s deal to make Google Apple’s default search engine, Cook said he didn’t know the exact number.
How does the trial version solve Apple’s application review process?
Another part of epic’s attack on App Store Security revolves around hundreds of Apple employees vetting apps before they become available. To illustrate Apple’s flawed process, epic’s lawyer Katherine Forrest told Schiller that she did some searches in the app store“ What I’m worried about now is the algorithm that will always be associated with my name, “she said, as she started browsing a series of pages she searched for, including terms like” BDSM, “” escort, “and pornography.
Schiller, now an apple employee, said he didn’t know“ I think according to the rules of our store, they are like this, “he said.
Does the trial reveal how epic named “Fortress night”?
The trial has been going on for more than two weeks, and the judge took a moment to ask Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of epic, what the name “Fortress night” means. In the original version of the game, Sweeney said, players had to build forts during the day to avoid zombies coming out at night.
“So, is it related to two weeks?” Judge Gonzalez Rogers said( Note: the English name of Fortress night is fortnite, which is similar to the spelling of fortnight, which means two weeks“ I had to ask, “she said“ I think you’re here right now, and I won’t have another chance to ask. So why not ask. “( Compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)