Why do Yin Shihang and other soil flavor nets red repeatedly banned? How did byte work card become top stream_ Tencent News


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Uncover the secret: the survivors of the coin circle
The 2 point is: Kwai Sai net red stir hard to stop, fast hand dilemma game
3 bottom: become the top stream of the byte work card
4 investigation: who is still impacted by the “core lacking” spring tide?
5 question: selling the supreme, was Weiya cheated?
Uncover the secret: the survival of the coin circle survivors
The wealth of the coin circle always comes and goes quickly. After months of rapid development, the virtual currency collapsed recently, and the price of bitcoin also went on a roller coaster. At one time, it fell to around $30000, then returned to $40000, and dived again on the night of May 21.
At the same time, many virtual currency exchanges were once again exposed that they could not conduct trading operations, 590000 investors were exposed, and 44.2 billion yuan evaporated in one day. In this dark “massacre” moment, the risks brought by leveraged capital’s participation in currency speculation are exposed. Under the huge fluctuation of the market, the long loss is heavy, and the short also has burst positions.
Novice speculators’ dream of wealth is disillusioned. For a moment, there are many crying, rights safeguarding and claims, and all kinds of rights safeguarding groups are very active. After all, in the currency circle, there are 100 ways for traders to harvest “leeks”. The makers manipulate the currency price, and the servers are down to restrict trading… Investors don’t fall in this pit, they fall in that pit.
Compared with senior speculators, they are more calm. It’s common for them to go up and down. They rub shoulders with “death” again and again. What they play is their heartbeat, and what they compare is their speed. They enjoy escaping from all kinds of “death methods” of traders, dancing on the steel wire, and escaping the bullet in the Russian roulette. Finally, they don’t forget to sigh, “this is more addictive than drugs.”.
Viewpoint: the net of Kwai Sai is hard to stop, and the quick game is a dilemma.
In recent years, a large number of earth net red rise, set up the stage in the Internet square, but controversy, traffic and money have always been the three most prominent topics of Tu Wei Hong. They may become popular by accident, but they all become more flattering and artificial under the coercion of traffic, constantly testing on the edge of public order and good customs, in order to nourish their own traffic career.
Recently, Yan Shihang’s live broadcast account was closed, which opened the tip of the iceberg of online Red speculation.
Yin Shihang was sealed, meaning that the door of the era of rustic net red people has been shut down, playing silly fool, can no longer get tickets for the head net red club. The Internet users who can no longer wantonly “work” must find new wealth codes before the fans’ dividends disappear.
Although the Kwai Tong net has been banned many times in recent years, net red has also studied various ways to avoid risks and reduce losses. The platform always knows later. In the events of Xinba’s bird’s nest gate and Yin Shihang’s proposal and hype, the platform took action only after it had sufficient evidence. This means that such vicious incidents as speculation caused by the net of red soil will continue to emerge.
At the beginning: become the top stream of the byte work card
Little red book is the base of the exposure of byte work card, “one day you can see 800 byte work card related content.” Ni Shi, a user of xiaohongshu, said angrily, “the interview experience and resume are on the left, and the offer is on the right. Some people are in the middle of the interview and canteen, and finally there are resignation speeches. Well, the whole process from entry to exit has been arranged for you. ”
People who can be heard without end are not very few. On the Internet, “little red book per byte employee”, “byte beating 100 thousand employees, little red book 10 thousand” and so on, make complaints about it. For example, micro blog user “pancake cat” said: “it’s crazy. Reading a little red book is all about” what’s it like to practice in the field. ” Some people wonder: “how does little red book frequently push this vlog for me?”
Algorithm is one of the reasons. Now almost every app will analyze the user’s data and recommend it accordingly“ Xiaohongshu’s algorithm uses the simplest model. If ten people click on a note, the algorithm will push it to 100 people again. ” A person in the industry told the company.
But it’s also true that people are drying on a large scale. On May 21, gas finance searched xiaohongshu with the keyword “byte”, and the results showed that there were more than 10000 related notes. Click in the relevant notes, you can also see the byte work card“ With 100000 employees, the base number is large, and the probability of being seen is naturally higher. ” Byte beat a HR West West told fuel finance, “and can not deny that the byte does have aura, everyone loves to sun.”
It is worth noting that not every industry card behind, are real people. Recently, some netizens on Taobao have published a commodity page of “the same brand” on the platform. The data shows that the sales volume of the commodity has exceeded 1000 copies. And some netizens compared the sales volume of the same brand of the major Internet companies on Taobao, and found that the sales volume of the same brand is the highest.
Investigation: who is still impacted by the “lack of core” spring tide?
The global “core shortage” is still severe, and the auto industry still can’t get chips, which hinders the delivery of some downstream auto companies.
Recently, the 21st Century Capital Research Institute learned from a BMW 4S store in Shanghai that due to the lack of core, the delivery schedule of imported BMW models has been affected.
The day before yesterday, Ford said it would suspend or cut production at eight North American factories in June due to the continuing impact of chip shortage on the auto industry. The 21st Century Capital Research Institute recently visited a number of 4S stores and found that the delivery time of imported cars has indeed been greatly affected.
Considering the current situation, the 21st Century Capital Research Institute believes that the industries with the most significant impact on output due to the shortage of chips include automobiles, computers, mobile phones, instrumentation, audio-visual equipment, home appliances and other consumer electronic equipment.
Question: selling fake supreme, was Weiya cheated?
In the past, Simba sold fake bird’s nest and Luo Yonghao sold fake woolen sweaters. Now, Weiya sells fake goods. On the surface, falling into the storm of selling fake goods seems to be the curse of the head anchor, but the industry problems exposed behind the scandal are more worthy of discussion.
Car rollover is a probability event that the head anchor can not avoid, and behind the frequent sales scandal, many loopholes in the live delivery industry are also exposed.

The head anchor sells 40-50 different brands of goods every day, which is equivalent to a large department store. However, with the rapid development of the industry, the brands cooperating with the head anchor are mixed. Even the selection team of the head anchor can hardly cover such a wide range of products, which is bound to overturn in some fields.
Not only because of the lack of professional, but also because “often walking by the river, where are not wet shoes.”“ These live selection teams are not professional clothing trading enterprises. They only use paper documents to select the supply chain and to certify a brand. In many cases, they have no ability to distinguish the true from the false. ” Bian Xu said.