For the first time in the world, Qualcomm has joined three companies to complete the 5g millimeter wave 8K video return business demonstration in the laboratory environment


On May 21, Qualcomm, together with ZTE, China Unicom and TVU networks, announced that Sifang successfully completed the world’s first demonstration of 5g millimeter wave 8K video return service based on large uplink frame structure in the 26ghz (n258) band in the laboratory environment.
According to the 5g millimeter wave test plan of the propulsion group, the millimeter wave large uplink frame structure will be promoted in 2021 to support differentiated application scenarios. The real-time return of UHD video, especially 8K video, has a very high requirement on the uplink bandwidth of mobile network.
The dsuu frame structure used in this demonstration increases the uplink peak rate of the existing millimeter wave technology to three times. The demonstration verifies the super uplink capability of 5g millimeter wave, which is a milestone to meet the uplink bandwidth requirements of many 5g industry applications in the future.