Yin Ming, the former vice president of ant group, announced his return four months after leaving office. He was in charge of the strategic development department and the Strategic Cooperation Department of financial institutions


On May 20, according to tech star, Yin Ming, former vice president of ant group and President of ant group’s insurance business group, returned to ant group in mid May after leaving ant for four months.
The relevant person in charge of ant group responded to the interface news and said that the confirmation was true.
According to public information, Yin Ming was born in 1970. Before joining ant group, he worked in Taiping property insurance and China Life Insurance. From July 2003 to June 2007, Yin Ming served as the general manager of Jiangsu Branch of Taiping Insurance Co., Ltd. From June 2007 to August 2015, Yin Ming successively served as the general manager, assistant president and vice president of China life property Shanghai Branch.
Shao Wenlan joined ant group in August 2015 and successively served as general manager of Huabei business group and general manager of consumer finance business group. He served as chairman of sesame credit from June 2019 to January 2021.
Ant group announced on July 20, 2020 that it will launch the joint listing plan on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the main board of Hong Kong stock exchange. On the 25th of the next month, ant group submitted a + H listing prospectus to Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange simultaneously.
On November 3, 2020, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a decision to suspend the listing of ant group on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. On the same day, ant group announced to suspend listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange. On November 6, ant group started the refund process
Yin Ming is also the first senior executive to leave after the suspension of ant IPO. After leaving ant group in January 2021, Yin Ming worked as general manager of Sunshine Property Insurance.