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1 Analysis: Huawei’s entry brings fierce competition to lidar Market
2. Focus: bitcoin makes a night of terror, musk steps down from the altar
3 decoding: semiconductor industry report card comes out, who eats meat? Who drinks soup?
Competitor: what does losing Huawei mean to apple?
In memory of “the biggest intermediary leader in Beijing”, gone
Analysis: Huawei’s entry brings fierce competition to lidar Market
Huawei, which has lost its main business of mobile phones, has decided to make cars.
Previously, at the Shanghai auto show, Huawei and BAIC Jihu showed off their muscles. On the large screen of Huawei’s exhibition hall, the dark scene composed of 96 trembling and moving multicolored lights in real time is the “soul” of lidar.
In order to achieve high-level automatic driving technology, the most critical component is “lidar”, which has been recognized in the field of automatic driving. Huawei’s “radicalization” in lidar makes many people look forward to lidar “getting on the bus”.
However, the current situation of the industry has thrown a basin of cold water on us. There is a huge gap between the public consumers’ curiosity about lidar and the lack of basic knowledge about lidar and automatic driving in the automobile service industry chain.
Attention: bitcoin is a night of terror, musk steps down the altar
Bitcoin has made many Chinese sleepless.
From a sharp drop of 30% to a sharp rise of 30%, the roller coaster market has caused countless participants in bitcoin trading to burst their positions and lose all their money
Loose end, seems to be caught off guard, but everything has a trace to follow. The founder of a head exchange suggested that the carnival of dog coin and Shib not long ago indicated that the market had gone into a frenzy and a sharp drop could happen at any time.
Musk has become the target of the crash. This God level figure, who has caused bitcoin to soar for countless times due to his personal remarks, has abandoned bitcoin after raising bitcoin.
Ignorant teenagers, now you can see that what musk really cares about is only dog money.
Decoding: Q1 report card of semiconductor industry comes out, who is eating meat? Who can only drink soup?
The lack of core has become a hot topic all over the world, and no one can escape from it.
The automobile industry has become a serious disaster area of core shortage. Affected by the shortage of semiconductors, the revenue loss of the automobile industry will reach 110 billion US dollars in 2021; In terms of production, global automakers will reduce 3.9 million vehicles this year, up from 2.2 million predicted four months ago.
However, the lack of core has also led to a big performance fire in the semiconductor industry, including chip manufacturers such as TSMC, Samsung, liandian, SMIC international and Huahong semiconductor. In the past first quarter, the performance took off directly.
Competitor: what does losing Huawei mean to apple?
Huawei falls, apple is full. In the past quarter, the iPhone has really taken over the gap left by Huawei in the high-end market.
Duan Yongping is probably the most Apple savvy independent investor on the planet. When it comes to apples, you know them like the back of your hand.
In Duan Yongping’s view, Apple’s long-term competitive advantage is clear. In the next 10 years, it will be difficult for other companies to catch up with apple. Therefore, Apple’s market share will remain stable.
However, due to the fact that the smartphone industry has turned into a stock market, the total volume continues to decline, and Apple’s own innovation is tepid, the iPhone’s market share is difficult to grow significantly.
IPhone is the root of apple. Without the growth of iPhone, other related businesses, especially the software tax, will become a tree without roots, water without a source, and the growth will not be sustainable.
In memory of “the biggest intermediary leader in Beijing”, gone
Zuohui left. Just this afternoon, shell group made an announcement. It was so sudden.
For Zuo Hui, he has experienced the golden age of China’s real estate market and the turning point of the times. At this moment, the story about him in the past decades has been forever sealed up in the historical situation of China’s real estate industry.
Zuo Hui once summarized the vision of chain home.
One of them is to make linker a very excellent data technology enterprise in the world. Now, shell is the first step for the success of “data technology” vision.
Another vision is that “in the field of leasing, what we want to promote is to make renting an alternative way of life.”. This is the most direct ideal of Beipiao.
However, at the moment when Zuo Hui is about to fulfill his next step, the disease has ended all plans.
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