Peng Yongdong, CEO of shell, wrote farewell to Lao Zuo: I am very lucky to start a career with Lao Zuo


Tencent technology news on May 20, shell officially announced that Zuo Hui, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the company, died on May 20, 2021 due to the unexpected deterioration of his illness.
Peng Yongdong, CEO of shell, wrote “farewell to the old left”: shell has lost a founder who established our cause and mission, and the housing industry has lost a leader who has always been exploring and innovating.
Peng Yongdong said that we are extremely fortunate to start a business together with Lao Zuo, work hard together and change the industry together. Lao Zuo’s spirit always inspires us to unswervingly adhere to the long-term principle and unite as one to do difficult and correct things for the development of new housing industry.
The following is the full text of farewell to Lao Zuo