Jingdong 618 launched: it will help at least 100 new categories sell more than 100 million yuan this year


Tencent technology news on May 20, JD held “2021 JD 618 launch and trend press conference” today, releasing seven consumption trends of JD 618: consumption return, Omni channel, new categories, rural revitalization, responsible consumption, commodity + service, supply chain and technology.
According to the introduction of Jingdong, in 618 this year, Jingdong will drive 20 million people in the whole industry chain to participate in the preparation of 618 through the linkage of various partners such as brand merchants, industrial belt factories, rural farmers and physical stores, and help nearly 200 industrial belts develop sales channels and realize digital upgrading.
In addition, Jingdong also announced a series of data at the launch conference:
Big data of Jingdong shows that compared with the year-on-year growth of international brands, the turnover growth of Chinese brands in 2020 will be 6%, the number of brands will be 5% and the number of users will be 18%.
· dada group’s Jingdong Jiajia has linked more than 100000 offline stores, covering about 1400 counties, districts and cities across the country. The convenient consumption experience of one hour dada is favored by more and more consumers.
Mobile phone is the category with the fastest growth rate of sales of Jingdong home platform, and the number of online mobile phone stores has exceeded 6000.
This year, Jingdong 618 will help at least 1000 new categories grow by more than 100% year on year, and the sales of 100 new categories will exceed 100 million yuan.