First line Nubia releases Z30 series with price of 4999 yuan and innovates the function of one button second shooting satellite orbit


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On May 20, Nubia released the latest generation image flagship of Z series Nubia Z30 pro. In terms of price, Nubia Z30 Pro vast black and interstellar silver are priced at 4999 yuan for 8GB + 256gb, 5399 yuan for 12gb + 256gb and 5999 yuan for 16GB + 512gb.
Z series is a series of professional photography products in Nubia. As we all know, in 2021, the whole mobile phone industry has almost reached a consensus on the design of top-level imaging solutions, that is, “multi camera”. As early as 2017, Nubia pioneered the design of full pixel dual core focusing main camera + big bottom high pixel main camera on z17 at that time.
On the Z30 pro, Nubia once again surpassed the existing technical level of the industry, realizing a four camera combination of 64 megapixel hypersensitive OIS main camera + 64 megapixel 120 degree ultra wide angle main camera + 64 megapixel humanistic main camera + 8 megapixel OIS periscope telephoto with a total of 200 million pixels.
With a fully active configuration, Nubia Z30 Pro offers perhaps the most comprehensive zoom experience yet on smartphones. It not only supports 5 times of anti shake optical zoom and up to 50 times of long focal distance, but also has the ability of zero distortion ultra wide angle shooting up to 120 degrees. It can also use 64 million pixels to shoot ultra high definition macro images rarely seen in similar models. In addition, for portrait photography, Z30 Pro is also equipped with an independent 35mm focal length and 64 megapixel humanistic main camera, which can shoot large portraits with ultra-high resolution and natural virtual effect without any compromise of image quality.
It is worth mentioning that this time, Nubia Imaging Research Institute and the star research team of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the “one click hand-held second satellite orbit shooting” function. During shooting, the camera intelligently identifies its position according to the fuselage sensor and GPS information, and generates real and unique satellite orbit photos with one click in combination with more than 20000 + star big data of the National Astronomical Observatory, Each orbit corresponds to a real star one by one, and users can get a beautiful picture of the orbit by just pressing on the sky.
In other configurations, Z30 Pro has a 6.67 inch AMOLED eye protection full flexible screen. With 10bit professional color depth and 144hz refresh rate, the flagship mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and 120W dual cell super fast charging scheme can charge 50% in 6 minutes and 100% from zero in 15 minutes.
Nubia also released the new image of Nubia’s calf IP, Neo boy, and plans to launch Neo boy in the future. In addition, Nubia also released a number of super charger devices, such as Z30 Pro vector protection shell price of 79 yuan, Nubia TWS T1 wireless headset price of 199 yuan, 120W deuterium front Gan charger set price of 269 yuan.