Today’s in-depth selection of Android IOS “entangled” for ten years; Who would believe in flying cars?


Today’s focus:
1. Pay attention to: in Huaqiangbei, see clearly who is in the business of “mining”
Dream: how can anyone believe in flying cars
Burden: Ren Zhengfei gives Huawei’s steering wheel to Yu Chengdong
4 struggle: Android and IOS’ ten years’ entanglement
Truth: Midea’s car making is a bluff
Attention: in Huaqiangbei, see clearly the anxiety, deception and fanaticism of the people in the mining business
Huaqiangbei’s business sense is always ahead of others.
This place, once regarded as China’s Shanzhai electronic trading center, is staging another Craze: Mining – the act of mining bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual tokens through computing power.
Here, deception and speculation have never changed for more than a decade, but have changed their forms“ The greed of “miners” is the best driving force for the savage growth of this high-risk business.
And for these “miners” who have a persistent belief in the income of Pianmen, this may not be a hoax, but more an opportunity that others can’t see. They believe that as long as they always “believe”, they may become lucky people.
Dream: how can anyone believe in flying cars
Since the 1920s, people began to imagine flying cars, it has gone through many cycles of hope and disappointment. But this time, there are many signs that flying cars may really be coming.
At present, at least 425 kinds of flying vehicles are being developed in the world. The participants and investors include Boeing, Airbus, Intel, Uber and other industry giants.
For many years, flying cars have been considered science fiction and even fantasy. What is the power that has attracted people to this adventure in the past 100 years?
Heavy burden: Ren Zhengfei knocked Yu Chengdong out of the cloud and gave him Huawei’s steering wheel
According to an internal notice, Ren Zhengfei formally handed over Huawei’s most potential business segment to Yu Chengdong: Hua Weiyun’s CEO position was removed and he was replaced by the newly established Bu CEO of intelligent vehicle solutions.
Yu Chengdong is also the CEO of Bu, a smart car solution under the business group, which belongs to the “high configuration” of the management. This shows that Ren Zhengfei attaches great importance to this business.
Yu Chengdong, known for his ability to fight tough battles, will once again face Ren Zhengfei’s “challenge.”.
Struggle: behind the Android 12 upgrade: the decade long struggle between Android and apple
Google’s Android is the only player who has been fighting Apple’s IOS for more than a decade.
However, the two are not as beautiful as imagined. Looking at the global market, there are many covetous people.
Musk, the founder of Tesla, once said that he would develop a new mobile operating system to replace Android and apple.
Android and IOS used to catch up with the trend of smartphone operating system, leaving Microsoft behind. Now these two strong players are destined to usher in changes of the times and accept the challenges of more emerging players.
Truth: Midea’s car making is a bluff
Midea doesn’t build cars. It just wants to sell “air conditioning” to car companies.
17 years ago, Midea Group, which broke into the field of car manufacturing, but finally left the market in dismay, did not choose to rush after the wave when it was on the wave of new energy vehicle manufacturing again.
Like Huawei, Midea Group’s choice is to transfer its advantages to new areas first and then gain a firm foothold.
Midea Group chose to enter the automotive industry, presumably also prepared for the worst.
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