No doubt venture capital completed a new main fund raising of 1.565 billion yuan


On May 18, Buhuo venture capital announced the completion of a new phase of main fund raising with a total scale of 1.565 billion yuan, including Buhuo RMB main fund phase 2, with a final scale of 818 million yuan, and Buhuo US dollar main fund phase 1, with a final scale of 115 million US dollars.
Established in September 2017, Buhuo venture capital is committed to becoming the best investment institution in the direction of innovative supply chain. At present, it manages two RMB master funds and one US dollar master fund, with a total management scale of RMB 1.3 billion and US $115 million. Since its establishment for more than three years, it has invested in Guoquan, xinkangzhong / tmall, Zhongneng united, shalfiter and other companies in the early stage.