Xu Zhijun of Huawei: Huawei cloud becomes one of the five clouds in the intelligent world


On May 17, during the 2021 Huawei China ecological conference, Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei, said that since the establishment of cloud Bu in 2017, Huawei cloud has made great progress. According to the latest report released by international research institute Gartner on April 21, in 2020, Huawei cloud’s global IAAs market ranking will rise to the top two in China and the top five in the world, and the mainstream manufacturers will grow fastest, becoming one of the five clouds in the world.
According to the data released by Huawei, up to now, Huawei cloud has more than 1.8 million developers, more than 14000 consulting partners, more than 6000 technical partners, and more than 4500 products on the Huawei cloud market. In 2020, Huawei’s cloud partner revenue has accounted for more than 60% of Huawei’s total cloud revenue, and the growth rate of partner revenue has reached 188%.