Today’s in-depth selection sharing massage chair burn 500 million, can’t escape death; Lucky was chased to the door by investors


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1 defeat: shared massage chair burns down 500 million
2 decoding: can’t buy Huawei mate 40, can only buy apple?
3 attention: Lucky is chased to the door by investors
4 recovery: Toshiba’s ten-year rout
5 challenge: enter the European and American market, China’s new cars go to sea
Failure: the shared massage chair, which was “rubbed to sleep by white whoring”, burned down 500 million yuan and died
Have you ever experienced sharing massage chairs?
At its peak, this “civilian first-class cabin” with more than one million units laid across the country and crowded shopping malls, airports and cinemas was cool.
Industry experts once predicted that sharing massage chair would be the first industry to break the circle of sharing economy.
Today’s shared massage chairs are so dirty that almost all of them are rusty and dusty that they have successfully turned high-speed railway stations, airports and cinemas into abandoned chair yards.
Decoding: Huawei’s second anniversary of being listed as an entity: people who can’t buy mate 40 go to buy apple?
Huawei has been “blocked” by the United States for two years. Now Huawei is almost facing the situation of no “core” available, and mobile phones cannot be produced, sold and delivered normally. Although the list of the top five manufacturers has not changed much, the mobile phone industry has ushered in a complete change.
Especially after September 15 last year, when TSMC could no longer produce chips for Huawei, Huawei’s shipment volume began to drop sharply. In the fourth quarter of last year, Huawei shipped 32.3 million units, a year-on-year decline of more than 40%, ranking fifth. In the first quarter of this year, Huawei was no longer in the top five.
As Huawei is squeezed out of the top five in the global market, its market share will inevitably be filled by another company or several other companies, while the gap in the domestic high-end market is basically occupied by the iPhone.
Attention: Lucky is chased to the door by investors
The recovery of Ruixing by investors began after Ruixing admitted financial fraud.
In the past, due to the constraints of communication costs, policies, laws and other factors, many domestic investors who suffered from the loss of Ruixing’s share price had no way to protect their rights. After a year of judicial efforts, their claims were finally accepted by the Shanghai financial court.
Can the lucky case be smoothly promoted? Under the increasingly strict domestic regulatory environment, will lucky get the punishment it deserves? How will this affect lucky?
Second round: Toshiba encounters barbarians and Japan’s top giants are defeated in ten years
Toshiba, once the “light of Japan”, is facing the knock of “barbarians”.
Toshiba has been targeted mainly because its business has been in deep trouble in recent years, its stock price has been in the doldrums, and its shareholders’ trust in the management has declined. It seems to be a “down and out house”.
Smelling the “smell of blood”, capital tycoons began to circle. The former European PE (private equity) giant CVC proposed to Toshiba for privatization by raising the price of US $20.7 billion. Later, Bain Capital and KKR & Co are also considering bidding for Toshiba.
How did Toshiba, once the representative of Japanese manufacturing, fall into such a situation? Where is its future?
Challenge: China’s new car going to sea: a lot of confidence, a lot of challenges
It has always been the dream of Chinese auto companies to enter the European and American markets and open the “second growth curve”.
However, for a long time, due to product strength, compliance and other reasons, it is difficult for Chinese automobile to make a big breakthrough in mature markets such as Europe and the United States. However, they can only “pass” through Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, South America and Africa, hoping to “encircle cities with rural areas”.
Now, Chinese auto companies have started another attempt. Compared with the previous wave of going out to sea, this time we changed to “new car” as a pioneer, and directly took the European market.
In exchange for a new car, is this voyage a smooth one or a downfall?
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