Ant forest is a money making project? Ant response: pure public welfare projects have no capital gains


Tencent technology news on May 13, media reported recently that the ant forest under ant group is a profitable project. In response, ant responded that ant forest is a pure public welfare project and will not bring any financial benefits to ant group.
According to the introduction of ants, ants group invests hundreds of millions of yuan in ant forest project every year, which belongs to pure public welfare donation. In 2020 alone, the investment will exceed 760 million yuan.
The following is the full text of the response:
Hello everyone, I’m the director of ant forest, Qingru. Recently, the misunderstanding of ant forest in some we media has aroused people’s concern. Let me make a response
Ant forest is a pure public welfare project, which will not bring any capital income to ant group. Ant group invests hundreds of millions in ant forest project every year, which belongs to pure public welfare donation. In 2020 alone, the investment will exceed 760 million yuan. Over the past few years, 550 million users and nearly 1000 partners, together with ant forest, have planted more than 223 million real trees in the desertification control area, with a planting area of more than 3 million mu.
The trees planted in the ant forest belong to the country and society. When you apply for “planting” a virtual tree in Alipay, the ant forest will join the public welfare organizations and all forestry departments to plant a true tree in your name. Ant group and public welfare organizations agreed: in the future, if these trees generate carbon sinks, they will all be used for public welfare. Ant forest has not participated in carbon sink trading so far.
The “green energy” of ant forest is a virtual integral designed according to low-carbon behavior. Its goal is to advocate the public to practice low-carbon life, and can not participate in carbon trading. At present, the world is actively exploring the integration of individual carbon emission reduction into the carbon trading system. If the individual carbon emission reductions recorded in the ant forest can be traded in the future, all the benefits generated will belong to the individual users, not the ant forest.
Ant group will continue to invest in the public welfare project of ant forest. We hope that it can make everyone really feel the impact of their behavior on the environment, and also hope that everyone can actively participate in the action to improve the environment.
Director of ant forest
[tips for ant forest]
The principle of choosing tree species and planting area in ant forest is “ecology first”. According to the assessment of the external independent expert committee on ant forest, the best tree species for desertification control are shrubs such as Haloxylon ammodendron, Caragana korshinskii and Salix psammophila. However, the current methodology can not measure the carbon sink value of shrubs. Up to now, ant forest is mainly planted in desertification control areas, and more than 80% of the trees planted are shrubs.
All achievements of ant forest belong to the majority of “tree growers”, all those who love environmental protection, not ant group. Ant group is just an ordinary participant in the construction of ecological civilization. The ant forest will not be used for the carbon neutralization of the ant colony itself. In the carbon neutralization goals and roadmap disclosed by ant group on March 12 and April 22, 2021, it has been clearly mentioned that the carbon neutralization of ant group does not include ant forest.