Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission interviewed meituan pinduoduo; Ma Yun appears at Ali group wedding


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1. Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission interviewed meituan pinduoduo;
2. Ma Yun shows up at the collective wedding of ariri;
3. IPhone system update reappears “downshift door”;
4. The 10 million riders of meituan are employees of outsourcing companies;
5. Bezos spent 500 million dollars to build a super yacht.
Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission talks with meituan pinduoduo
On the afternoon of May 10, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission interviewed meituan pinduoduo and pointed out the outstanding problems in the protection of consumers’ rights and interests.
The main problems of meituan are: first, the refund problem caused by the cancellation of orders; Second, the delivery of meals and fresh vegetables is not in compliance with the contract; Third, the page misleads the consumer.
The main problems of pinduoduo are: first, the quality of goods; Second, counterfeiting and infringement; The third is to cancel the order; Fourth, false delivery; Fifth, after-sales service; Sixthly, it is the problem of bargaining for new products.
Ma Yun appeared on Ali day and 102 couples attended the group wedding. Ali said that he would continue to expand the school enrollment
May 10 is Alibaba’s 17th “Ali day”. On this day, Alibaba opened its national parks again, and welcomed 37000 employees’ families and relatives to “visit relatives and relatives”. Ma Yun, who has not been seen in public for a long time, also appeared at Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou on the same day.
It is understood that “Ali day” originated from “SARS” in 2003. At that time, because an employee was diagnosed as “suspected”, all Ali employees had to carry their computers home to work in isolation. Since 2005, Ali has decided to set may 10 every year as “Ali day” to thank for its perseverance in those hard years. Since 2006, Ali has held a group wedding for employees every year.
The iPhone has been upgraded to the latest system, but its performance has fallen back three years ago?
During the May Day holiday, Apple’s operating system quietly pushed the official version of IOS 14.5.1. Now, the results of the first batch of upgraded user experience have been published. Many users say that consumers who have installed the latest version of the system find that their iPhones seem to have performance degradation. The performance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is not as good as the iPhone XR released many years ago.
The developer said that in repeated tests, it can be confirmed that Apple has imposed CPU restrictions on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series devices in the IOS 14.5.1 system, resulting in slower running speed of the two devices. And this limit is different from the heat limit. The developers also tested it in the case of low temperature and no heat, and the result is still that the performance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is seriously degraded. Will this be another downshift?
Meituan: all the 10 million riders are employees of outsourcing companies and have no direct labor relationship with us
Recently, after Wang Lin, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, experienced the difficulty of delivering takeout, director Wang and his inspection team had a dialogue with representatives of meituan company. The dialogue involved labor relations, insurance and other issues of takeout employees.
The representative of meituan said in the dialogue that nearly 10 million of the registered takeaway staff on meituan platform are not employees of meituan, but outsourcing. Only 3 yuan per day of commercial insurance can be paid, which is deducted from the Commission. If the rider has problems, it will be borne by commercial insurance. The commercial insurance includes 600000 yuan of death and disability insurance and 50000 yuan of medical expenses.
Sources said Bezos spent 500 million dollars to build a super yacht, but also with a companion ship for his girlfriend
In the upcoming book Amazon unbound, Brad stone, a senior American writer, quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Amazon founder and CEO Bezos has commissioned Dutch shipbuilder oceanco to customize a 127 meter super yacht and equip his girlfriend with an auxiliary boat.
Stone said his source was “someone familiar with the billionaire’s beloved project.”. He claimed that Bezos’s new yacht will be a three masted schooner, similar to Barry Diller’s 93 meter long yacht, built by German shipbuilder L ΓΌ The sailing boat EOS made by rssen is the same. It will be “one of the best sailing ships in existence” and one of the largest sailing ships ever built in the Netherlands.
Guo Mingli Z: it is estimated that the iPhone will adopt the 5g baseband chip developed by Apple as soon as 2023
Guo Mingli Z, analyst of Tianfeng international, said in a report that it is expected that the iPhone will adopt the 5g baseband chip designed by Apple as soon as 2023, and Qualcomm will be forced to strive for more orders in the middle and low end market to make up for the loss of Apple orders. 5g can not drive the demand of Android high-end 5g mobile phones, and it will lose orders for iPhone baseband chips as soon as 2023, so it will be forced to compete with MediaTek in the low-end market. With the weak demand for 5g mobile phones and the improvement of supply shortage in the visible future, Qualcomm may have to sacrifice profits to increase its 5g SOC market share.
How to challenge Alibaba? Recruit thousands of new employees, pull Lei Jun shaking tiktok goods
In May 10th, by launching a variety of popular apps like jitter and overseas TikTok, Zhang has made the byte jump the highest value private technology company in the world, and these applications are challenging them in the business areas Facebook and other tiktok companies focus on. Now, he is targeting Alibaba.
Byte beat has begun to make waves in the e-commerce industry dominated by Alibaba and Jingdong for a long time. The company sold about $26 billion worth of cosmetics, clothing and other goods in 2020, achieving the goal Alibaba’s Taobao took six years to achieve in the first year. By 2022, the goal is to drive sales to more than $185 billion. This year’s domestic advertising sales tiktok is expected to exceed US $40 billion, and the contribution of the jitter is expected to reach more than half, which is driven by e-commerce in a way.
Foxconn raises salary for iPhone 13? Employee: there are too many applicants. The interview has been suspended

Foxconn, Apple’s mobile phone manufacturer, has frequently increased its bonus for recruiting employees, and the iPhone 13 may really start mass production. Combined with the rumors that the iPhone 13 will be released in Apple’s autumn launch, the industry generally interprets the “pay rise” as Foxconn’s preparation in advance for the mass production of iPhone 13 and expansion of its staff. An employee of Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory told the times that the bonus paid by Foxconn’s factory for recruiting employees often changes, which is mainly related to the production arrangement and has nothing to do with the season. Another Foxconn Zhengzhou factory employee told time weekly that after the new bonus policy was released, due to the large number of applicants, the company had suspended the interview the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday.
Weibo’s revenue and profit exceeded expectations in the first quarter, and the monthly income in March fell by 4%
According to the financial report released by Weibo, the first quarter revenue and earnings per share of Weibo exceeded expectations. The net revenue was 458.9 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 42%, and a year-on-year increase of 31% based on the exchange rate of the same period last year. It is expected to be 434.7 million US dollars. The non US GAAP operating profit was US $137.5 million, and the non US GAAP operating profit margin was 30%. Non US GAAP net profit attributable to Weibo was $130.7 million, or 57 cents diluted net profit per share. The number of monthly active users in March 2021 was 530 million, a decrease of 4% over the same period of last year and an increase of 2% over the end of last quarter.
The market supervision department imposed a fine of 2.5 million on the “operation Gang” and “ape guidance” respectively
In response to the chaos of off campus education and training institutions strongly reflected by the masses, the price supervision and Competition Bureau of the General Administration of market supervision and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision launched a joint action to inspect the relevant behaviors of the two off campus education and training institutions, Xiaozhou Haihai education and Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing simili education and Technology Co., Ltd. On May 10, 2021, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision imposed a warning and a fine of 2.5 million yuan on the two off campus education and training institutions, namely, the work gang and ape guidance.
Graphics cards soared by 300% market scalping: hard demand industry suffered, Graduate insurance can not graduate
Since October last year, the price of graphics card has soared at least twice, making it hard to get one card in the market. Zhengzhou business Zhang Jian experienced the direct consequences of this wave of graphics card boom, “we can’t afford to import.” In addition, he was also very distressed. Although he didn’t have a graphics card on hand, consumers thought it was the dealer who hoarded and speculated on the price of the graphics card. After a graphics card leaves the factory, it first enters the national general agent, then the regional general agent, and then it is assigned to a small number of distributors with large orders. The distributors then supply it to the merchants in the computer city, and finally the merchants sell it to consumers. As soon as the price of virtual currency rises, the income of mining will be higher. Everyone goes to mining, and the price of graphics card will rise. Now most of the people who are engaged in graphics cards are followers, but the ones who are really in need are affected.