Rog releases magic 16 / ice blade 5 plus: from 10999 yuan with 11 generation core


On the evening of May 11, Beijing time, ASUS held a new product launch and officially released two new notebook products — Rog magic 16 and Rog ice blade 5 plus, which are equipped with Intel’s 11th generation i9 processor.
Rog magic 16
Rog magic 16 is an all-around notebook developed by ASUS face designer group. Asus has made accurate design planning for the inside and outside of this notebook.
The first is the appearance. The Rog phantom 16 has a lightweight fuselage. Although it is a 16 inch design, its actual size is no different from that of a 15 inch product. The thinnest part is only 19.9mm, while the weight is only 1.9kg, which can better meet the needs of people’s mobile office.
In terms of core configuration, Rog magic 16 is equipped with Intel 11th generation core processor, which can support i9-11900h 8-core 16 thread processor at most, and can be equipped with rtx3070 8GB 100W high-performance graphics card at most. The screen is a 16 inch 2K screen supporting 165hz high refresh rate.
In terms of battery life, Rog magic 16 is equipped with a 90whr large battery, which supports a maximum of 16.6 hours of battery life. 100W PD fast charging can replenish 50% of its power in 30 minutes.
In terms of price, the initial configuration price of magic 16 i7-11800h / 16GB / 512gb / RTX 3060 is 10999 yuan.
Rog ice blade 5 plus
Ice blade 5 plus uses a 17.3-inch large fuselage size, which is only 19.9mm thin and weighs as low as 2.6kg. Besides retaining the classic oblique cut design of Rog, the overall shape recognition of a-plane is very high.
Rog ice blade 5 plus is equipped with i9-11900h standard pressure processor (optional i7-11800h standard pressure processor), based on 10nm process technology and tiger lake-h45 architecture, with 8 cores and 16 threads, Rui frequency up to 4.9ghz, TDP only 45W. At the same time, Rog optimizes the performance of the processor to provide 90W performance release.
The 140W high performance version of NVIDIA geforce RTX 3080 independent graphics card (140W geforce RTX 3070 or 130W geforce RTX 3060 independent graphics card) is carried by Rog ice blade 5 plus. In terms of endurance, ice blade 5 plus is equipped with 90Wh large capacity battery, lightning 4 interface and full function type-C interface, and both support 100wpd charging.