Jijia apologized for “mocking made in China”; Tesla China’s sales fell sharply in April


Today’s science and technology morning post must read:
1. The sales volume of Tesla China in April decreased by 27% month on month;
2. The business of meituan and didi has changed;
3. China’s mobile phone shipment in April decreased by 34.1% year on year;
Dell CEO: chip shortage still exists for several years;
5 novel coronavirus pneumonia is infected by hundreds of people in Foxconn India factory.
Passenger Federation: Tesla China’s sales volume in April was 25845, down 27% on a month on month basis
On May 11th, according to the data of WeChat official account of the Federation, the new energy passenger car market in April was diversified, and the new energy performance of the large group increased. The enterprises with wholesale sales exceeding 10000 vehicles include SAIC GM Wuling 30602, Tesla China 25845, BYD 25450 and SAIC passenger car 13004.
According to the “March new energy sales ranking” data released by the passenger Federation in early April, the new energy passenger car market diversified in March, with Tesla China’s sales volume of 35478 vehicles.
In other words, the sales volume of Tesla China in April decreased by nearly 10000 vehicles, a 27% month on month decrease.
Zhou Hongli talks about car making for the first time: 360 does not build cars independently, why choose Nezha gives the answer
On May 11, Zhou Hongli, founder and chairman of 360 group, publicly communicated 360 group’s smart car strategy for the first time. When it comes to the trend of Internet companies building cars, Zhou Hongli believes that there are not too many companies building cars on the Internet, but too few.
“Internet car making is not only a main theme in the second half of the Internet industry, but also an inevitable mode and direction of the future intelligent connected vehicle.”.
Zhou Hongli has repeatedly stressed that 360 will not build a car independently, but will invest in Nezha’s car. The result of car building is Nezha’s combination of common genes to form a breakthrough.
When Taiwan Jijia apologized for questioning and belittling “made in China” and “Taiwan independence”, Jingdong could not find relevant goods
At noon on May 11, he was exposed to belittling Taiwan Jijia technology, which is made in China, when promoting notebook computers. He issued an apology statement on Weibo and station B, saying that some of the text content released on the company’s official website was seriously inconsistent with the facts, which was caused by the company’s internal mismanagement. The company “sincerely apologizes” for the discomfort it brought to everyone. In response to the query, Gigabyte Technology issued an apology at noon on the 11th, saying that Gigabyte is proud of the quality of Chinese products. The reporter of global network just inquired with the keyword “jiga” in Jingdong online mall, and the page showed “sorry, no product related to” jiga “was found.”.
China Institute of information technology: China’s mobile phone shipment in April was 27.5 million, down 34.1% year on year
In April 2021, 32 new models of mobile phones were launched in China, a year-on-year decrease of 37.3%. In April 2021, the domestic market 5g mobile phone shipment was 21.42 million, accounting for 77.9% of the mobile phone shipment in the same period. From January to April, the total shipment volume of domestic brand mobile phones was 111 million, up 37.5% year on year, accounting for 88.8% of the total shipment volume of mobile phones in the same period. In April 2021, the shipment volume of smart phones was 26.973 million, a year-on-year decrease of 33.9%, accounting for 98.1% of that of mobile phones in the same period.
Momo: Momo CEO Wang Li will temporarily serve as the founder of tantan CEO and withdraw from management affairs
Momo announced that Wang Yu and pan Ying, the founders of tantan, have withdrawn from the company’s specific management affairs. Wang Li, the CEO of Momo group, will temporarily serve as the CEO of tantan, and the tantan team will continue to operate independently.
Meituan and didi Two Wheeler business changed, sharing motorcycles fell into a stalemate
The bicycle sharing battle is not over. Meituan and didi have appointed new leaders and invested more resources.
Two wheeled vehicles are the flow entrance of meituan’s super platform strategy. Wang Xing, founder and CEO of meituan, said at the financial report meeting in March this year that the investment in bike sharing and motorcycle business has increased losses, but meituan “will continue to invest in this area because it will bring long-term value”.
Yu Didi, two rounds of plan, undertakes the goal of “0188 plan” — serving nearly half of 100 million orders every day.
BYD: split its holding subsidiary BYD semiconductor into Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem
BYD (002594) said it would spin off its holding subsidiary BYD semiconductor to be listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. After the completion of the spin off, the shareholding structure of BYD will not change due to the spin off, and will still maintain the control of BYD semiconductor.
Dell CEO: chip shortage still exists for several years, forced to buy accessories at high prices to ensure supply
Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, said in an interview with German Business Daily recently that the lack of semiconductors in the world has brought challenges to computer manufacturers, and this shortage may last for several years. Even if chip factories are being built all over the world, it will take time to solve the problem of supply shortage. Previously, apple, Samsung Electronics and other companies have issued early warning that semiconductor shortage will affect the company’s performance. Samsung Electronics, on the other hand, said the shortage of chips was impacting the production of TVs and home appliances. Due to the global shortage of semiconductors, Samsung Electronics has also encountered some impacts, especially around the production of certain package products and displays.
Sources said that “Freight version of didi” manbang group plans to submit an IPO application in the United States as early as this week
Manbang group is about to go to the United States for IPO. The fund-raising amount will exceed US $1 billion, with a market value of US $22 billion to US $30 billion. The listing guidance agencies are Morgan Stanley and CICC. The main business of manbang group is the vehicle cargo information matching platform of intercity trunk logistics, which helps truck drivers and customers at both ends of the cargo owner to quickly reach a transaction, known as “Freight version didi”. According to the official data of manbang group, by the end of 2020, its platform has certified more than 10 million drivers and more than 5 million consignors, and has made profits in 2020.
Hundreds of people infected novel coronavirus pneumonia in Foxconn India factory iPhone production fell by more than 50%

A novel coronavirus pneumonia worker had to leave his post, Foxconn reported in a factory in India, where iPhone production fell by more than 50%. It is reported that Foxconn’s factory in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is specialized in manufacturing iPhones for India, the world’s second largest smartphone market. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a positive product in India, and is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world and Apple’s main supplier. Foxconn said its staff members are testing positive for a new crown pneumonia in a factory in the city. The company is offering support to them, including medical assistance.” Novel coronavirus pneumonia is what Foxconn is putting first place in the health and safety of employees. That’s why we have been working closely with the local government and public health authorities in India to deal with the challenges faced by us and all companies in coping with the new crown pneumonia crisis, “Foxconn said.