Zhao Ming didn’t find Ren Zhengfei when he was the most difficult; Musk says dog money is a “scam”


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1 character: Zhao Ming’s battle of “glory”: never found Ren Zhengfei in the most difficult time
Viewpoint: why do I hate Tesla
3 interpretation: what is the truth behind the laser radar getting on the bus?
Dispute: it’s more difficult to get in than to get out. I’m trapped in the fortress besieged by Dachang
Comments: musk said dog money is a “scam” and he still has social barriers
Character: Zhao Ming’s battle of “glory”: never found Ren Zhengfei in the most difficult time
Although from the outside world, glory is independent from Huawei and inherits many of its original resources. As long as it is separated, it can “return to the old business”, but in fact, this process is also quite cumbersome and challenging.
Zhao Ming said that after glory independence, the first financial statements could not be made because the financial IT system of the new company was still being debugged“ We need to rebuild all the things we are familiar with, including servers. We need to build our own it center, it system room, budget center, etc. The final report is produced by the manual operation of our financial system personnel. ”
Compared with physical separation, “psychological weaning” takes longer. Many people have deep feelings for Huawei, but in terms of company management, this separation should be very firm.
Huawei North Research Institute is an important R & D center of Huawei’s mobile phone business, where R & D equipment and personnel related to mobile phone business are given glory. After the separation, Huawei built a wall in the park, completely separating Huawei from glory.
Opinion: why do I hate Tesla
I saw the news of Tesla for the first time many years ago, and my heart was full of praise. How could someone be doing a car without an engine but with batteries and motors? Interesting. The exploration and attempt without harming others are always worthy of respect, and it is because there are always some people who will come up with innovative ideas that we live in such a rich and colorful world today.
Very good.
But today, every time I hear the name of Tesla, I feel disgusted. In my opinion, this company not only has many behaviors harmful to society, but also shows absurd and incomprehensible values. If you know something about Tesla’s behavior over the years, I’m afraid you’ll be more annoyed than me.
Interpretation: what is the truth behind lidar getting on the bus?
At present, both OEM and lidar manufacturers have reached a consensus that high-speed, congestion and other scenarios are the biggest market for automatic driving. In the face of high-speed, congestion scene, the camera vision scheme + lidar is the easiest to achieve automatic driving.
Although many people regard the use of lidar and the non use of lidar as the opposite of the two technologies, in reality, the choice of lidar is the best solution for car enterprises to realize the function of automatic driving at the present stage.
Dispute: it’s more difficult to get in than to get out. I’m trapped in the siege of Dachang
At this time of the year, young graduates are ready to squeeze into the big factory for several months; Those who have won the year-end bonus secretly seek a new way out. Some of them have made great achievements in the war, and they have made new work cards in the circle of friends, but they are very secretive about the general contractor; Some people are still refreshing the mailbox every day, answering every strange phone call, looking forward to Dachang AI’s number plate.
Qian Zhongshu quoted an old English saying in Fortress Besieged to the effect that marriage is like a golden cage. The birds outside the cage want to live in, but the birds inside the cage want to fly out. Now this sentence seems to have become the true prophecy of young people in this era. The golden birdcage is the Internet factory.
Remarks: musk said dog money is a “scam” and he still has social barriers
On the late night of May 8, Eastern time, musk guest hosted the American “Saturday night live” (SNL) TV variety show, during which he talked about dog money many times and took it as a mother’s Day gift, calling it “the future of money” and “bound to sweep the world”.
During the monologue session, musk said he had Asperger’s syndrome. He also predicted that mankind will rely on renewable energy in the future, and human civilization will develop into a multi planet space civilization. In the simulation interview, musk incarnated as a financial expert and asked the host to call him “the father of dog money”. At the beginning, he called Dog money “the future of money” and “irresistible and bound to sweep the world”. However, after repeated boring questioning by the host, he finally compromised and admitted that dog money was a “Hustle”.