TCL Li Dongsheng: China’s ultra high definition industry is still facing weaknesses


On May 9, TCL founder Li Dongsheng delivered a speech at the world ultra high definition video industry development conference, saying that China’s ultra high definition industry has great opportunities, but also faces the following shortcomings:
1. The research on 5g + 8K application scenarios is seriously lacking.
2. The industry standard system is not perfect.
3. The production and development of core devices and key equipment need to be strengthened. Take the panel industry as an example, LCD front-end array processing equipment basically relies on imports, and most of OLED key materials also rely on imports. The situation of “big but not strong” of the panel industry needs to be broken through as soon as possible.
4. The business profit model is not mature yet. Including the production cost is high, the family popularization is difficult, the downstream cash flow mode is few and so on.