Will it be listed in the US as early as may? Snowball: no response


On May 7, according to foreign media reports, snowball will submit an IPO application in the United States as early as may, with a scale of US $300 million. To this, snowball side expresses to interface news, do not respond.
According to tianyancha app, snowball has completed six rounds of financing. Specifically: in December 2020, the US $120 million e round financing invested by Lanxin Asia Investment Group; In July 2018, a $120 million D round of financing was invested by ant financial services and aimeigu assets; In September 2014, the company invested 40 million US dollars in round C financing by Wuyuan capital and Renren company; In June 2013, Sequoia Capital China and Wuyuan capital invested US $10 million in round B financing; In June 2011, Sequoia Capital China invested US $3 million in round a financing; In June 2010, the angel round financing of millions of Yuan invested by Mingshi capital and Manzi fund.
According to the data, snowball was founded in 2010. Through the high viscosity investment community, it firmly grasps the high-quality user entrance and constructs the unique content and user ecology of the equity investment market. Starting from the community, snowball provides Chinese investors with free market information and convenient and efficient trading services for stocks, funds and private placement, and constructs the whole process service link of “pre investment decision-making, investment trading and post investment company”.