Strong demand for iPhone 12


Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory recently increased the bonus of new employees on its assembly line, Tencent technology reported on May 7, indicating that production activity is very active at a time when Apple’s 5g smartphone sales are strong and it is preparing to launch the next generation of iPhone. Zhengzhou is the largest iPhone manufacturing base in the world.
This is the third time in a month that Foxconn has increased the bonus of workers on its assembly line in Zhengzhou, according to recruitment information released by idpbg, which is responsible for iPhone production. According to the latest announcement, every employee who works 90 days and has been on duty for at least 55 days will receive a bonus of 7500 yuan (about $1158). This is more than 6500 yuan on April 26 and 6000 yuan on April 15, and more than twice as much as 3500 yuan at the end of March.
“We will not comment on any aspect of our specific operations or on any work done for any customer due to company policy and business sensitivity,” Foxconn said in a statement on Friday
Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant, which has up to 250000 workers, is seen as an important indicator of the company’s efforts to boost iPhone production ahead of Apple’s flagship device, which is usually released in the second half of the year. In August and September 2020, Foxconn’s bonus to new employees in Zhengzhou reached 9000 yuan.
Apple’s first 5g smartphone, the iPhone 12, was released on October 13 and launched worldwide on October 23. There is widespread speculation that Apple’s next 5g iPhone 13 will be released in September.
Foxconn’s activities in Zhengzhou also show that as the world’s second largest economy and the largest smartphone market, China is still very important to the global electronic supply chain of large technology companies such as apple. Developed production infrastructure, abundant labor reserves and local government support policies also provide support for consolidating this position.
This advantage and strong sales of the iPhone 12 helped Apple capture 42% of the $113 billion in global smartphone wholesale shipment revenue in the first quarter, according to market research firm counterpoint.
Canalys, a market research firm, found that in the first quarter of this year, global iPhone shipments reached 52.4 million. This allowed apple to retain 15% of the global smartphone market, although it still lagged behind Samsung’s 22% share in the same period.
However, mobile phone mobile phone is also novel coronavirus pneumonia. However, Foxconn is offering huge bonus to new employees in Zhengzhou. Another major smartphone market in India is threatened by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Apple remains the leader in India’s high-end smartphones (more than $400), with nearly 48% of the market share in the first quarter. Apple shipped more than 1 million iPhones in the world’s second most populous country for two consecutive quarters, according to counterpoint.
But mobile phone demand novel coronavirus pneumonia in India will be affected by the second wave of new crown pneumonia epidemic in India. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and subsequent economic lockout, consumer demand will be hit hard, says Prachil Singh, senior research analyst at Counterpoint Prachir. (Singh)
News of the rise in Zhengzhou workers’ bonuses comes as another report said Foxconn achieved revenue growth in April 2021. The company’s revenue for the month was $16.62 billion, up 31.39% year on year. Industry sources attributed the growth to “a surge in iPhone 12 series and Playstation 5 console shipments.”( Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)