Microsoft: Apple App store rules also block our game services


Tencent technology news on May 6, even for Microsoft, one of the world’s most famous technology companies, Apple’s app store has proved unable to easily enter.
Lori Wright, Microsoft’s vice president of games, media and entertainment, made the comments on Wednesday as he testified in Apple’s antitrust trial. Wright described Microsoft’s rejection, saying the company could not persuade apple to allow its Xbox to launch cloud game service through the app store and attract IOS users.
Game developer Epic Games expects Wright to support the claim in the lawsuit that Apple uses cumbersome rules and policies to curb competition by strictly controlling the operation of app stores, which are unfair to developers and consumers.
Wright said Microsoft wants its xcloud game service to become a one-stop shop for mobile games and is puzzled why Apple can’t allow it to provide content catalogs in its apps, as Netflix and other entertainment companies do. He added that Apple’s approval of the xcloud app is conditional on allowing users to download each game individually, which is a very cumbersome choice. “Why can’t we have an app with multiple games?” she asked from the witness stand
Apple’s trial in Oakland, California, comes at a time when the company faces strong opposition from global regulators and many app developers, and Apple’s billions of dollars in revenue are at stake. They say Apple’s 30% commission rate and other policies for the app store are unfair.
Apple’s battle with Epic Games broke out in August last year, when the latter told customers that it would start offering discount direct purchase plans for its blockbuster game fortress night. Then Apple took the Game App off the shelves, cutting off more than 1 billion customers’ access rights. Apple strongly denies abusing its market power, calling Epic Games’ move a “fundamental attack” on a business model that benefits both developers and consumers.
Rejected by the app store, Microsoft began testing an alternative this year: an online version of its xcloud service, accessible through browsers on the iPhone and iPad. The lawyer for Epic Games asked Wright whether the browser based platform was a “good or bad solution.”. “This is the only way we can reach mobile users on IOS, but it’s not the solution Microsoft likes,” Wright responded
Wright’s comments come after an NVIDIA executive testified on Tuesday that Apple has not approved the IOS app version of its streaming Game service.
According to apple, Microsoft earns $600 million to $700 million a year from its partnership with Epic Games and defends the game developer because it’s good for their business. Microsoft has long supported Epic Games in its court battle with apple. Apple also said the rules for Microsoft’s digital store are similar to those for the app storeļ¼ˆ Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)