Bill Gates and his wife announced their divorce; Apple faces $177.7 billion in fines


Review of holiday science and Technology News
Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced their divorce;
2. Weilai ideal Xiaopeng released its sales data in April;
Station 3B issued a speech “I don’t want to be such a person”;
4 “pet blind box” delivered by Zhongtong Express;
5. Jingdong Logistics was heard by the Hong Kong stock exchange;
Six weeks later, he became CEO of tiktok.
How to divide the $130 billion? After 27 years of marriage, Bill Gates announced his divorce from his wife
After 27 years of marriage, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have decided to end their marriage, according to a statement on social media. Their philanthropy has always been deeply rooted in their relationship and marriage. The day before their marriage in Hawaii, Bill Gates’ mother Mary gates wrote a letter to Melinda, ending with “those who are blessed must do good for heaven.”. Bill Gates wrote in a blog post in 2019 that the couple once decided to transfer $20 billion worth of Microsoft shares to the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to seek to increase their commitment to philanthropy.
The “three treasures” of car making are published in the report card of April, the “heroic” is coming, and the “dangerous” ideal is coming
In terms of sales volume, Weilai continues to rank first among the new domestic car manufacturers with 7102 units, ideal car ranks second with 5539 units, and Xiaopeng car ranks third with 5147 units. As the “leading big brother” of the current new car building forces, Weilai under the leadership of Li Bin is accelerating its expansion, and the blueprint released to the outside world is becoming more and more arrogant. According to the data, with one product of ideal one, the sales volume of ideal car in April has reached 5539, and Xiaopeng car, which owns G3 and P7 products, ranks second in the sales volume of new car building forces this month. In the internal letter of ideal Auto in February this year, Li Xiang said that in 2025, ideal auto will launch a variety of products including two technology platforms, i.e. add program and pure electric. The product price ranges from 150000 yuan to 500000 yuan.
First line | 995 junior high school students really speak, and station B gives a speech “I don’t want to be such a person”
May 4th Youth Day is coming, station B released the speech video of “I don’t want to be such a person”. In the video, two junior high school students step on the stage to share what the younger generation sees and thinks about “I don’t want to be such a person”. The content of this video speech is collected from the real views of 955 junior high school students from 26 schools in various provinces and cities in China. These views are condensed into “I don’t want to be such a person…”, which not only confirms and emphasizes their inner bottom line, but also inspires everyone who has the same dream as a teenager.
Blind box chaos, Zhongtong express delivery “pet blind box”, netizens attack this is “dead box”
The concept of “blind box” tends to be rampant. From the earliest bubble mat blind box to all kinds of milk tea blind box and air ticket blind box, now the blind box is filled with living pet cats and dogs, causing public anger. Chutian Metropolis Daily quoted volunteer Ms. Yang as saying that the cats and dogs sent to the “blind box” were only a few months old. They were transported in a closed carriage without eating or drinking. Several puppies were found dead that night. People who buy cats and dogs should love pets. When they know that the cats and dogs they buy are packed in a “blind box”, they may be angry with their pets. This is not the result they want. Zhongtong company said, Zhongtong Express Chengdu Hehuachi branch illegal collection, Chengdu Hehuachi branch suspended express collection business, the relevant person in charge suspended.
First line: after the hearing of Jingdong Logistics through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: disclosure of the information set after the hearing, the revenue of last year increased by 47.2%
On the evening of May 2, the IPO of Jingdong Logistics, which had previously submitted a prospectus, went further. Information from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that Jingdong Logistics had passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and disclosed the information set after the hearing. From 2018 to 2020, Jingdong’s logistics revenue was 37.9 billion yuan, 49.8 billion yuan and 73.4 billion yuan respectively, of which the revenue in 2020 increased by 47.2% year on year, and the growth rate continued to expand compared with that in 2019. The data shows that the infrastructure and collaborative network of the global layout of Jingdong Logistics are still expanding. As of December 31, 2020, Jingdong Logistics has operated more than 900 warehouses, including the cloud warehouse area managed by Jingdong Logistics, with a total storage area of about 21 million square meters. In the data collection after the hearing, Jingdong Logistics further clarified the purpose of fund-raising. In the next 12-36 months, it will mainly be used to continue to upgrade and expand the six logistics networks to maintain its competitive advantage.
Tesla rights owners’ latest response: don’t fight any more, hope the negotiation will return to the right track
On April 28, Tesla’s official microblog published “communication progress and event description on” rights protection “of Ms. Zhang of Shanghai auto show”, which seems to be more realistic about the saying that “someone is behind the scenes”. According to the statement, Mr. Li made it clear on March 13 that there was a “team” from Beijing behind him to assist. In addition, Ms. Zhang lied that she was pregnant for three months at the auto show, which also became the focus of public criticism.
Recently, Ms. Zhang responded in many media interviews that in the face of Tesla’s numerous security sieges, she lied that her pregnancy was for self-protection. “Tesla has been avoiding the heavy and taking the light, shifting the focus, and guiding the public opinion in the direction of what my husband said and whether I was pregnant or not. I still hope to go back to the event itself – is there a problem with Tesla’s vehicle? ”
There’s something wrong with apple! Or face 177.7 billion huge fines, Buffett is still heavy position nearly 720 billion
On April 30 local time, the European Union officially launched an anti-monopoly lawsuit against apple. This is the first time that the European Union has filed an anti-monopoly lawsuit against apple, which may result in apple being fined 10% of its global revenue. According to Apple’s latest financial report, the company’s operating revenue will reach 274.515 billion US dollars in 2020, which means that Apple may face up to 27.45 billion US dollars.
Tiktok airborne Chinese CEO: only in his 30s, he was once nicknamed “the second handsome male god” by Lei Jun

If we say which Chinese company’s overseas business is the most prosperous in the past two years, it must be the tiktok business. A few days ago, tiktok once again announced a new heavyweight airborne appointment, that is, the CFO Zhou Shouzi is also the CEO of tiktok. Unlike tiktok, which has been using local executives in the United States for the purpose of following the all American local style, this Chinese Singaporean executive airborne from China’s headquarters seems to have a different meaning.
The musk SpaceX spacecraft returned to earth at night and four astronauts landed safely
According to the official social media of NASA and SpaceX, the crew-1 dragon spacecraft, the first commercial manned spaceflight mission of SpaceX, successfully landed off the coast of Florida at 2:56 a.m. EDT on May 2. Photo on May 2, 2021, NASA astronauts Shannon walker, Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins, and Japanese aerospace research and development agency astronaut tsuichi Noguchi landed in SpaceX’s tenacity capsule.
Huawei experience store: only four mobile phones are on sale, and models under 3000 yuan are extinct
“One cell phone is less than one.” A few days ago, when visiting a Huawei offline experience store in Chengdu, a salesman sighed at the Red Star capital Bureau. In addition, the Red Star capital Bureau found in a number of Huawei experience stores in Chengdu that only four mobile phones are on sale now, and they are all medium and high-end products. It is difficult to find models below 3000 yuan. “Very lack of core” has even become a catchphrase of sales staff. According to the latest report on China’s smartphone market in the first quarter of 2021 released by canalys, vivo replaced Huawei in the first place in China’s market, and Huawei’s shipment volume in the first quarter fell by 50% year on year. In the Huawei authorized experience store of Chengdu 339 TV Tower, the area of selling mobile phones has been reduced by more than half.