The gates divorce will divide up 130 billion dollars of property, including several luxury houses and Leonardo da Vinci’s precious manuscripts


The Gates family
Key points:
According to Forbes, the net assets of Mr. and Mrs. gates are about $130 billion;
Mr. and Mrs. gates, who married in 1994, own a luxury house in Seattle with a market value of about $125 million;
Mr. and Mrs. gates own a $43 million property in Del Mar, California;
Mr. and Mrs. gates own a private plane and have an amazing collection of works of art, including Da Vinci’s manuscripts;
The gates have three children, 25-year-old Jennifer; Rory, 21; Phoebe, 18.
Tencent Technology News reported on May 4 that the divorce of Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates and his wife Melinda French gates will be the most sensational divorce in the world since the divorce of Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Scott in 2019. Because the bill and his wife’s divorce involves a $130 billion division of property.
Gates and Melinda
According to Forbes, Gates is currently the world’s fourth richest person, with a net worth of about $130 billion, after Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bernard Arnault of Louis Vuitton and Elon Musk of Tesla.
When the Bezos divorced in July 2019, McKenzie got $38.3 billion worth of Amazon stock – enough to make her the richest woman in the world. Like the Bezos, the gates have been married for more than 20 years. The Bezos chose to divorce after 25 years of marriage, and the gates chose to divorce after 27 years.
In the early days of Amazon, Mackenzie also actively participated in the company’s early activities, just as Melinda Gates held a senior position at Microsoft in the early days.
The gates have three children, 25-year-old Jennifer; Rory, 21; Phoebe, 18. Their home is in the suburb of Seattle, Washington. The gates own properties in California, Florida, Wyoming and Massachusetts. In addition, they have a private jet and an amazing art collection, including Da Vinci’s manuscripts. Gates also has a super racing team.
Mr. and Mrs. gates met in 1987, when Melinda Gates began working at Microsoft, which he founded in 1975. On January 1, 1994, gates and Melinda Gates officially married.
In 2000, the gates couple founded the Gates Foundation, which is committed to helping the world’s poorest people by eradicating polio, reducing the spread of malaria and HIV / AIDS, and investing in health and financial systems for the poor. They invested a lot of money in the foundation, making it one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. In 2010, the couple and Warren Buffett, the stock god, created the giving pledge, promising to donate most of their assets. It is reported that each of their three children will get $10 million, which is only a small part of their parents’ net assets.
Despite the creation of the “pledge to donate,” the gates still retain a large amount of assets that need to be split between them.
Luxury housing
The Gates family mainly live in a mansion on the Bank of Lake Washington, a suburb of Seattle. This mansion is known as “Xanadu 2.0”, which is called “future life prediction” technology mansion by the outside world, guiding the direction of digital life.
Gates’ mansion in Seattle
The 66000 square foot mansion is located about nine miles (16 kilometers) downtown Seattle, where the Gates Foundation is based. Data show that the mansion overlooks the vast Lake Washington in front of it, and a hill on the East Bank of the lake behind it. It is a “earth covered building”, like a fortress fortress, and is far away from Seattle City, near Microsoft headquarters in Raymond city. The building has four floors above the ground and an unfathomable underground. The appearance of the building presents the style of “villa on the Northwest Pacific coast”, which looks like a manor in the 18th and 19th century.
Gates bought the land for $2 million in 1988 and spent seven years building his dream home for $63 million. Today’s market value is about $125 million.
“I have a beautiful house,” Gates said at reddit’s ask me anything event in February 2019 “It includes a trampoline room, which seems a bit too much, but my kids like to use it to eliminate their excess energy,” he said at the time “I don’t know how guilty it is to be in a big house,” he added The mansion has the same indoor and outdoor swimming pool, underwater music system and fossil design on the floor.
Gates’ mansion covers five acres. In this land, there is an artificial stream, which keeps salmon and trout; There is also a beach on which sand is said to be imported from the Caribbean.
According to reports, the mansion has seven bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, a home theater for 20 people and a 1000 square foot restaurant for 24 people. For large parties, the 2300 square foot reception hall can accommodate 150 people for meals or 200 people for cocktail parties.

The mansion has a special corner to show one of Gates’s most precious assets, a science notebook written by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century. Gates got the Da Vinci manuscript at a $30 million auction in 1994. The ceiling is engraved with a sentence from the Great Gatsby: “he came to this blue grass after a slow pursuit. His dream must have been so close to him that he could hardly miss it.” According to previous reports in the Washington Post, Gates has four rare versions of the Great Gatsby in his library.
According to previous media reports, when guests arrive at Gates’ mansion, they will wear a badge with a sensor. According to their preferences, the temperature, music and lighting in the house will change, and each room has its own touch pad to control the room environment.
Property status
Gates owns 1.37% of Microsoft’s outstanding shares, with a current market value of more than $26 billion. Gates resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors in March 2020, but remains a technical adviser to chief executive Satya NADELLA. In addition, Gates has invested through the private offices of gates ventures.
In 2015, Melinda Gates founded an investment incubator called pivotal ventures. The idea of starting the company was for her to pursue ideas that might not fit into the structure of the Gates Foundation´╝ł Compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)