Gates Foundation is affected by the divorce of Mr. and Mrs. gates, and most of Gates’ assets have not been donated


Tencent Technology News reported on May 4 that Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates and his wife Melinda French Gates announced their divorce on Monday. As one of the richest couples in the world, divorce will bring new problems to the Gates’ property. The couple helped create the giving pledge, promising to donate most of their assets, but Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has yet to donate most of the money he made.
Over the past few decades, the gates have been a unique force on the world stage, and their huge charitable donations have given them access to the highest levels of government, business and non-profit organizations. The bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated about $50 billion, which has had a huge impact in areas ranging from global health to early childhood education, and has made great progress in reducing deaths caused by malaria and other infectious diseases. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been particularly striking in the past year. They regularly comment on the global struggle against new crown pneumonia, and their foundation has invested $about 1000000000 to fight the epidemic.
“After a lot of thinking about our relationship, we decided to end our marriage,” Gates and Melinda Gates tweeted on Monday “In the past 27 years, we have raised three extraordinary children and set up a foundation to work around the world so that everyone can lead a healthy and productive life,” they said. We continue to share our faith in this mission and will continue our joint efforts at the foundation, but we no longer believe that we can grow up together as a couple in the next stage of our lives. When we start a new life, we ask for space and privacy at home. ”
In response to the announcement of the divorce, the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said in a statement that gates and Melinda Gates will continue to serve as contact chairman and trustee, and it is expected that there will be no change in the foundation“ They will continue to work together to develop and approve the foundation’s strategy, advocate the foundation’s issues, and determine the overall direction of the organization, “the statement said.
Even so, the divorce will raise new questions about the fate of Gates’ property, most of which has not yet been donated to the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As one of Microsoft’s co founders, gates, 65, is one of the richest people in the world, worth about $130 billion, according to Forbes. The gates have been married for 27 years and have three children.
The bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has 1600 employees around the world and donates about $5 billion annually in areas such as global public health and development. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has played an important role in developing global strategies for coping with the new crown pneumonia pandemic, investing early in vaccines and helping to launch the new global vaccine crown (COVAX).
Although the gates did not provide details of how they would divide their property, they believe they signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. Mr. and Mrs. gates are the largest farmland owners in the United States. They have a lot of investment through managing cascade investment, the gates personal wealth management company, and a lot of shares in four seasons hotel chain, Canadian national railway and AutoNation, the largest car dealer chain in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. gates own a number of homes and properties, including a 66000 square foot mansion on the outskirts of Seattle.
David Callahan, founder of charity website inside Philadelphia, believes Melinda Gates, 56, may have more influence in the next few years after the divorce. In 2015, Melinda Gates founded an investment incubator called pivotal ventures. The idea of starting the company was for her to pursue ideas that might not fit into the structure of the Gates Foundation. If she gets part of Gates’ stake in Microsoft, she can set up a new foundation or donate it directly to other causes she supports. “You can imagine Melinda Gates himself as a more progressive giver,” Callahan said. She will be a major force in philanthropy for decades to come. ”
In 2019, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos divorced Mackenzie Scott. McKenzie got $36 billion worth of Amazon stock at the time and immediately set about making billions of dollars in direct grants to a series of progressive organizations.
Gates recently pulled out of some business activities. Last year, he left the board of Microsoft and the board of Berkshire Hathaway, which is run by his good friend Warren Buffett. Over the years, Buffett himself has donated billions of dollars to the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and promised to give most of his fortune to the foundation when he dies. In 2010, Mr. and Mrs. gates created a “pledge of giving” in the hope of getting the rich to commit most of their assets to charity.
The relationship between the gates and his wife has been very tense in the past few years, according to people familiar with the matter. Their marriage was on the verge of breaking up several times, but they have been trying to keep it up. Gates decided to resign from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway in part to spend more time with his family, the source said( Compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)