Living on Mars? Musk and his girlfriend are expected to become the first couple to marry in space


    According to Tencent technology news on April 15, Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of us space exploration technology company, and his partner Grimes have vowed to move to Mars in their lifetime. For this reason, Irish online gambling company Paddy Power believes that they are expected to become the first couple to get married in space.
    Grimes is a Canadian singer whose real name is Claire Boucher. Instagram claimed that she was “ready to die” on Mars recently. Similarly, musk had previously said that he hoped to take SpaceX spacecraft to Mars “as early as 2030”. Grimes and musk are not yet married, but they have a son, X a-xii.
    Paddy Power believes that musk and Grimes are the most likely couples to get married in space, which they think is one in 50. It seems that the probability is a bit high. Taking Leicester City Football Club, the Premier League team, won the Premier League Championship in 2016 as an example, the company thinks that this prediction is entirely possible. After all, Leicester City has a 1 / 500 chance of winning the Premier League Championship in that year.
    At the same time, power also believes that musk and Grimes have a much easier chance of becoming the first couple to have children on Mars than Leicester City. According to power, musk and Grimes are one in 250 likely to be the first couple to give birth to a martian child.
    A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “Musk said he hopes to send people to Mars by 2026. So we really have to think about the possibility that Grimes will eventually have a martian child. She will do her best to make sure that a child named x a – II is not the weirdest child in the family. ”
    In a question and answer video in February, Grimes said she was ready to be a manual worker on Mars, even at the risk of death. Asked about the greatest risk of moving to Mars, she said: “physical labor is the most likely way to die, but hopefully that will change.”
    Musk said SpaceX’s spaceship will arrive on Mars by 2030, and he thought “the real difficulty is to make the Mars base self-sufficient”. Because if people want to settle there, they need a stable supply of food, energy and water.
    “This capability will make possible a fully reusable transportation system designed to transport crew and cargo in long-term interstellar flights and to help humans return to the moon, Mars and beyond,” SpaceX said of the spacecraft (Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)