Challenge Intel, NVIDIA announced manufacturing server CPU


    NVIDIA said it will launch the company’s first server microprocessor to further enter Intel’s most profitable market, according to a report by Pember on April 12.
    The graphics processor (GPU) manufacturer has designed a central processing unit (CPU) based on ARM Ltd. technology. The company is also fighting for arm from Softbank of Japan. NVIDIA said on Monday that the Swiss National Supercomputing Center and the US Department of energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory will be its first users.
    NVIDIA said that this CPU, called grace, can work closely with NVIDIA’s GPU to better handle new computing problems with trillions of parameters. The system using the new chip will be 10 times faster than the current system using NVIDIA GPU and Intel CPU. NVIDIA said the new product will be available in early 2023.
    According to Sina digital, NVIDIA launched three processors based on ARM architecture on the same day, including grace, bluefield-3 DPU and SOC chip for auto driving. Grace is the most eye-catching product today, and its name comes from grace hopper, a computer scientist.