Mask claims to support novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine development, but I will not vaccinated.


    Novel coronavirus pneumonia has always been suspicious of the safety of the new crown vaccine, Tencent Technology News reported on April 9th, but he recently clarified his view. Mask said he supported novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine development, but he would not vaccinated himself.
    As the world’s second richest man, musk tried to clarify his views on vaccination on Twitter and expressed his outspoken doubts about two doses of vaccination. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a vaccine that I have in general, and I believe it is supported by scientific evidence,” he said on twitter.
    However, the 49 year old electric car tycoon’s tweet last month caused controversy. He said at the time that when people were vaccinated with Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccines, they had to be vaccinated with two doses, and there was “some controversy” about the safety of the second dose.
    Musk said he supported vaccination for the elderly and immunocompromised, but many people had side effects when they received the second dose.
    Data from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States show that although Pfizer vaccine has more frequent allergic reactions after the second dose than the first dose. But in general, this kind of allergic reaction is still very rare, with only 4.5 doses per 1 million doses.
    Musk also acknowledged that allergic reactions occur “in very rare circumstances,” adding that they are “easily resolved with an Epipen.”.
    Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not reported in September 2020. Mask told the US media that he and his family would not vaccinate, because “neither my child nor I have the risk of developing a new crown pneumonia.” Musk eventually became moderately infected in November, comparing his symptoms to a “mild cold.”.
    In response to fans’ tweets, musk said he decided not to get vaccinated, and given that he has some immunity to the new coronavirus, others may benefit more from the vaccination.
    In February, he told clubhouse, an audio social app, that there was going to be a “vaccine avalanche” around the world, and the resulting oversupply meant that many vaccines would have to be thrown away. As of Wednesday, novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccines were distributed in the United States, and 171 million 470 thousand doses were administered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.
    Musk’s view of the epidemic is often controversial. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was a mistake in the past year. He predicted that by the end of April 2020, the new infection cases in the United States would be near zero and would be called fascism by the new cap pneumonia epidemic. He had tried to win Tesla’s factory in California. (Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)