Tonight, Xiaomi announced two major events: making sure to build a car and launching a new mobile phone worth 10000 yuan for the first time


    Tencent technology news on the evening of March 30, Xiaomi group announced through the Hong Kong stock exchange that it would officially enter the car manufacturing industry, which also made the content of the second day of Xiaomi spring new product launch much anticipated.
    At the press conference, Xiaomi not only brought its first folding screen mobile phone mix fold, but also officially announced the information about car building. Lei Jun said that this will be his last venture in his life and he is willing to bet on all his achievements and reputation.
    Lei Jun talks about starting a business three times, tears on the spot, and announces the details of Xiaomi’s car making process
    In the last 40 minutes of the press conference, Lei Jun reviewed his past three startups, including the establishment of Jinshan, the internal entrepreneurship excellence network, and the establishment of Xiaomi technology ten years ago.
    Recalling that he sold excellence to Amazon, when Lei Jun met Bezos, then CEO of Amazon, in 2017, because Bezos said “didn’t take good care of excellence”, Lei Jun once shed tears on the scene.
    Lei Jun announced the news of Xiaomi’s car building at the press conference, and announced that this will be his fourth and last venture in his life. He is willing to build on all the achievements and reputation accumulated in his life.
    Different from the previous media rumors, Xiaomi announced the specific content of Xiaomi’s car building in the announcement this evening, and Lei Jun also made an interpretation at the scene. It includes three core messages
    First of all, Xiaomi will invest more than 100 billion yuan in the next ten years when it establishes a subsidiary. Lei Jun also announced on the spot that by the end of 2020, Xiaomi’s cash reserve has reached 108 billion yuan, which is enough to meet the input cost of manufacturing Xiaomi’s car in the next ten years;
    Secondly, different from the previous media reports, Lei Jun confirmed that Xiaomi will be the sole investor of the car, and Xiaomi has no financing plan for the time being;
    Finally, Lei Jun will personally lead the team as the CEO of the smart car business.
    Lei Jun also talked about the schedule of Xiaomi’s car making at the press conference. He said that Xiaomi did not officially start to investigate the electric vehicle project until January 15.
    Restart the mix product line, the first folding screen mobile phone landing, price 10000 yuan
    Car making has started Xiaomi’s next decade of entrepreneurship. In this decade, Lei Jun and its Xiaomi have finally realized their previous wish: Xiaomi’s mobile phone will hit the high-end market and form a model matrix.
    At yesterday’s press conference, Xiaomi released two products, 11 pro and 11 ultra, which has become one of the best products in the Android camp. At today’s press conference, Xiaomi mobile restarted the mix product line, and the first folding screen mobile phone was officially released, named mix fold.
    As in the previous exposure, Xiaomi mix fold uses an inner fold design. It has two internal and external screens, the external screen size is 6.52 inches, supporting 90hz refresh rate; after the expansion of mix fold, it has an 8.01 inch 2K resolution 10bit screen, supporting Dolby view.
    In terms of core hardware, the Xiaomi mix fold is equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor, supplemented by the lpddr5 + UFS 3.1 memory combination, which is exactly the same as the Xiaomi 11 Pro / Ultra released yesterday. The phone has two batteries with capacities of 2460 MAH and 2560 MAH, a total of 5020 MAH, and supports 67W wired charging.
    Lei Jun left two suspenses before the press conference, one is the so-called liquid lens, the other is to restart the surging processor. These two new technologies were unveiled on the mix fold of Xiaomi.
    Xiaomi has designed a three lens module for mix fold, in which the main camera is a Samsung hm2 with 108 megapixels, and the ultra wide angle is a 13 megapixel lens with 123 ° field of view. The third lens is a telephoto and macro lens.
    The lens adopts a new liquid lens design, using the principle of human eye bionics, and a lens like structure composed of transparent fluid wrapped by film, instead of traditional optical lens. Driven by a high-precision motor, the curvature radius of the spherical surface can be changed to achieve 3x optical zoom, up to 30x long focus, and the closest focusing distance of 3cm.
    “New surging chip” is an image chip named “surging C1”. Xiaomi introduces that this chip is a product that Xiaomi spent two years to invest 140 million in R & D. It has the characteristics of high performance, low CPU and memory occupation. It improves 3A algorithm, dark light focusing ability and image quality, and brings more accurate automatic white balance, automatic focusing, automatic exposure and image quality.
    It is understood that this surging C1 is a chip developed by Xiaomi and handed over to TSMC to form a chip. It is the first ISP chip developed by Xiaomi.
    The price of mix fold is very expensive, with a starting price of 9999 yuan. However, compared with the folding screens of Samsung and Huawei, the price is nearly twice as low.
    So far, Xiaomi has five products focusing on the high-end market, including Xiaomi 10s, Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 11 pro, Xiaomi 11 ultra and Xiaomi mix fold, with prices ranging from 3299 yuan to 12999 yuan, which is enough to cover the global medium and high-end smartphone market.