Zhihu was officially listed on the stock market, and Zhou Yuan took out shares to share the creator


    On March 26, EDT, Zhihu, China’s largest Q & a online community, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock code of “zh”.
    Zhihu issued 55 million ads (before the exercise of the over allotment right) at the issue price of US $9.50 per ads (American Depository securities), and simultaneously carried out a private placement (CPP) of US $250 million. Through IPO and private placement, Zhihu raised a total of US $850 million (after full exercise of the over placement right).
    Zhou Yuan gave a speech at the scene of ringing the bell. Zhou Yuan said that Zhihu started from Q & A and has gone beyond Q & A. in the future, it will anchor the dot of “service creator” to optimize services inward and expand out. Zhou Yuan also said that he would share part of his equity with the outstanding creators who accompany Zhihu’s growth.