Fast star Kwai star launched the “Xinghai plan” 100 billion traffic incentive plan


    In March 25th, the Kwai Chung star, the master’s eco marketing platform, announced that it will launch the Xinghai project in April 1st and produce 100 billion traffic incentives for high-quality content creators. It will empower the brand and creators through the full range of marketing operation support such as video contest, creators growth, brand growth and so on.
    It is reported that the “star sea plan” provides various types of exposure incentive policies. On the content side, it provides real-time flow heating for a single high-quality commercial work. All the short video commercial content rated as high-quality magstar assignment can get rich exposure flow incentive, aggregate the long tail flow, create popular short video, and help the main brand out of the circle. On the institutional side, exclusive incentive policies are provided for brand businesses, creators / MCN institutions to stimulate high-quality content creation. The more works you create and the better the content, the more traffic incentive you can get.