Tesla “king of technology”? Musk gets a new title


Tencent technology news on March 15, local time on Monday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) file shows that CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and chief financial officer Zach kirkhorn (Zach) Kirkhorn’s titles in the company were changed to Tesla’s “technoking” and “master of coin” respectively, which took effect on March 15.
It’s not clear why musk chose the title of “king of technology,” but the move is in line with Musk’s public image, as the Tesla chief executive seems to enjoy posting irreverent tweets and jokes. His way of communicating used to be a source of concern for shareholders, and last week a Tesla investor sued the company’s board, calling Musk’s tweets “capricious.”.
Musk was previously chairman of Tesla, but was forced to leave as part of a settlement with the SEC in 2018, which accused him of posting “false and misleading statements” on twitter about privatizing the company.
Kirkhorn’s title change may be recognition of Tesla’s $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoin earlier this year and its huge return. The title once appeared in the TV series game of thrones or the book series a song of ice and fire based on it, in which the position of Royal treasurer is called “Money Master”.
Meanwhile, musk and kirkhorn will remain in their original positions. In addition, Tesla said that Jerome Guillen, President of its automotive business, has transitioned to the post of president of Tesla heavy trucking and will lead all businesses of Tesla semi project. Since September 2018, Gillen has successfully overseen Tesla’s vehicle projects, supply chain and service infrastructure.
After Tesla’s share price fell in February, musk lost his position as the world’s richest man. With Tesla’s once high valuation slightly shaken, musk may seek to boost investor confidence. The company experienced one of the most impressive stock gains in 2020, surging more than 600% as the market responded well to Musk’s vision of leading global zero emission vehicles.
But those numbers began to fall in 2021, with Tesla’s share price down nearly 14% in the first two months of this year. The company’s share price also fell last week after a fire broke out at its Fremont plant. As of December 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be more than 450 among Tesla employees.
Musk has a reputation as a “corporate prank” and is dissatisfied with the CEO’s traditional image. He also used social media to taunt journalists and government regulators, and to test new driver assistance software on customers, mistakenly describing it as fully automatic driving technology.
Tesla shares fell 0.57% to $689.4 before trading. Last week, new street research reported that Tesla could become a $3 trillion company by 2030. (Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)