Price rising tide of digital reading sharing power bank: up to 7 times in some areas, with an average return of capital in four months


Ma jionghui, Tencent Technology
Bike sharing, which aims to solve the problem of the last kilometer, has gradually died down with the debt of ofo and the acquisition of Mobai. However, in recent years, with the advent of the sharing economy, the sharing power bank has completed a “reversal against the wind”.
Some companies have even launched IPOs in the United States to rush to share the first share of power bank. However, more and more consumers find that the price of shared power bank, which used to be high quality and cheap, is a bit too high to rise.
[Special Topic: sharing power bank raises price again]
Three or four yuan an hour has become the norm, with a regional increase of 700%
The rental price of sharing power bank is rising rapidly with the naked eye.
Following the CCTV financial channel’s report on the rise in the price of shared power bank in December 2020, a recent survey by cover news found that the rise in the price of shared power bank has become a common phenomenon.
From the initial 1 yuan / hour to now, the average 3-4 yuan / hour has become the norm. The rental price of some popular business districts and scenic spots even went up to 8 yuan / hour, up 700% compared with the earliest 1 yuan / hour.
The logic of the price increase of shared power bank is quite similar to that of shared bicycle: both rely on early competition. After the reshuffle of market structure, leading enterprises get out of the line, and users’ consumption habits are also cultivated. Nowadays, adjusting prices and making profits is a more reasonable business development path.
Industry insiders have revealed that the price increase of sharing power bank needs to be divided into two situations. The first is the normal price increase. Players in the industry are slowly adjusting the price. Everyone needs to make money and the industry needs to develop healthily and orderly. This is the inevitable law. Another kind of price increase exists channel coercion. Some scenes need expensive admission fees, especially some entertainment places.
Just need makes the market scale of sharing power bank surge, and the number of users has increased more than 10 times in four years
With the increase of mobile phone use scenarios, shared power bank is still just needed to a certain extent. Users are very concerned about whether the scene can touch the power bank immediately. Especially in stations, airports, shopping malls and other crowded use scenarios, the penetration (coverage) directly affects the use frequency of shared power bank.
According to trustdata statistics, the penetration rate of power bank in shopping malls, restaurants, airports, railway stations and other scenes has exceeded 50%, and the penetration rate of low-frequency scenes such as hotels and scenic spots has also exceeded 20%. With the increasing popularity of the scene, the scale of shared power bank users is also expanding.
According to the data released by iResearch in 2019, from 2016 to 2019, the number of users of China’s shared power bank increased rapidly from 32 million to 305 million, and iResearch predicted that it would reach 408 million in 2020 (an increase of more than 10 times in four years). However, it is worth noting that the growth rate of the sharing power bank industry is slowing down, and then it will gradually enter the Red Sea market, and the competition will become increasingly fierce.
On the other hand, the scale of related transactions also maintained a considerable growth. According to iResearch consulting data, the transaction scale of China’s shared power bank industry will reach 7.91 billion yuan in 2019, and it is expected to reach 16.07-24.10 billion yuan in 2021-22. Moreover, the industry as a whole is in the early stage of maturity, and there is still much room for growth.
“Three electrics and one beast” won more than 90% of the market share, with an average return of four months
Although “cake” is big, it does not leave much market share to other brands. After several years of market competition, throughout the competition pattern of the whole sharing power bank circuit, it has been taken more than 90% share by “three electrics and one beast”.
According to trustdata data, in 2019, the four companies monopolized and shared 96.3% of the market share of power bank. Other shared power bank brands accounted for 3.7%.
But behind the fierce competition, the head of the sharing power bank enterprises have already successfully “reaped” the market. More than one person in charge of “three electrics and one beast” disclosed that they have achieved profit and loss balance or even profit.
According to the data disclosed recently by monster charging, more than 95% of its revenue in 2019 and 2020 will be mobile device charging business, namely sharing power bank, which is worthy of making money.
Some people in the industry have calculated that the maintenance cost of a single power bank is less than 2 yuan per month. The manufacturing cost of shared power bank is lower, and the average payback cycle is about three to four months. An average of 4-6 orders can be generated by a power bank warehouse in a popular business district. If the current order is 3-5 yuan, excluding the operating cost, business cost and discount cost, the comprehensive profit margin of the sharing power bank enterprise can reach more than 20%.
Thus, the simplest and most feasible way to boost revenue is to “increase the price” in the leasing sector. But repeated price increases will also make complaints about consumers. Netizens Tucao said, “it’s still more expensive to charge Tesla than at home.” “is it necessary to persuade users?” More netizens directly said that if the price rises again, they will buy a power bank to carry with them.
At present, there is still room for the market of shared power bank to sink further. However, if the “leading enterprises” of shared power bank can’t take a long-term view and bring forth new ideas in service and application, they just blindly “increase the price”. The shared power bank, which is originally “the moat is not high”, may lose its armor after the real “big crocodile” enters the market.
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