New documents revealed: after the reopening of Tesla factory, more than 450 employees were infected with the new crown


Electric car maker Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California
Tencent technology news March 14th novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is the latest website to get the transparency of the judicial data, was revealed in California, the US electric company in San Francisco. The PlainSite Elon factory in the Gulf of San Francisco has more than 450 employees infected with the new crown pneumonia after the provocation of the company’s May.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia reported in May, about 10 new cases of pneumonia were reported in the factory. But as the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus reached its peak in the United States, the number of employees infected by Tesla also kept rising, reaching 125 in December. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by Tesla Fremont in June. The reason for the infection is the “local refuge” ban in the county’s decision to reopen.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported in total from around May to December, according to data from 450 to December. There are about 10000 workers working in the Fremont factory. Alameda County’s Department of Public Health said that in the past nearly a year, it could not publish data on the number of infections under the health insurance portability and Liability Act. The bill prohibits the disclosure of the privacy of people’s health records.
As part of an agreement reached in mid May to allow Tesla factories to reopen, Tesla was asked to report positive cases of infection to the Department of health. Although according to the data submitted by the company, about 10 people were infected in May, the Ministry of health of Alameda County said in early June that there were no known cases of workplace infection affecting residents in the county. Tesla and Alameda County public health ministries and representatives did not respond to requests for comment.
At that time, musk strongly opposed the mandatory shutdown, believing that Tesla should be allowed to continue to produce cars, even though the county had implemented a “shelter in place” ban. In late April, musk attacked the government’s order, swearing at the earnings conference call and calling it a “fascist.”. On May 11, he said the Tesla plant would reopen, eventually with the support of President Donald Trump.
“Tesla will today resume production in violation of Alameda County regulations,” Musk tweeted. I’ll be there with everyone else. If someone is arrested, I want to arrest only me. ”
Tesla has also come under fire for the way it treats workers. The company has promised to stay at home if employees feel uncomfortable coming back to work. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in the late June and July. Those who were worried about the infection of new crown pneumonia were informed of the employment notice after failing to return to their posts as required. Data released by Alameda County showed that there were 19 cases of infection at Tesla factory in June and 58 cases in July.
Mask Hussein was criticized for novel coronavirus pneumonia. He initially called the epidemic “panic” and predicted that “almost no new infections will occur” in April last year. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was questioned on Friday, questioning the safety of the new crown vaccine, although medical experts have assured that the vaccine is safe and encourages more public to vaccinated two doses of vaccine. (Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)