Yuncong technology won the double title of frvt test


Recently, the world authoritative face recognition algorithm test (nist-frvt) released the latest list. Chinese AI Enterprise Cloud won two championships and one runner up from three tracks of face recognition 1:1, face recognition 1:n and face recognition under mask occlusion.
Nist-frvt compares tens of billions of different types of photo samples, and the evaluation of face recognition algorithm can reach one millionth of accuracy. It is also the world’s largest, most stringent, most competitive and most authoritative face recognition algorithm competition, known as the gold standard in industry.
The test is the competition field of the world’s top scientific research institutions. The test data is not open. The test is conducted according to the technology provided by the participating teams to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the competition. Up to now, nearly 100 companies and research institutions around the world have participated in the test, including visionlabs (Russia), ever AI (USA), vocord (Russia), Yuncong, Shangtang, Kuangshi, Haikang, Dahua, Tencent, etc.