Baidu plans to list in Hong Kong on March 23, with an offering price of up to HK $295, Hong Kong media said


Tencent technology news on March 11, according to Hong Kong media reports, baidu plans to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 23.
Hong Kong media also said Baidu will offer shares to the public from March 12 to 17. Baidu listed in Hong Kong will sell 95 million shares, with a maximum issue price of 295 yuan per share and a maximum fund raising of 28 billion yuan. Baidu Hong Kong shares each hand 50 shares, a first-hand admission fee of 14899 yuan.
Hong Kong media said that after Baidu’s listing hearing in Hong Kong, Baidu’s US stock price rose 14% on the same day. CITIC Securities, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America securities are the co sponsors of Baidu’s listing in Hong Kong. According to market news, the maximum amount of funds raised is US $5 billion (about HK $39 billion).